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Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown

30th of October 2023



UK Prepares for Storm Ciarán: Flood Alerts and Heavy Rain Expected

The United Kingdom is preparing for a weather event as Storm Ciarán is expected to arrive this week. Flood warnings are already, in effect in areas of England, Scotland and Wales causing the nation to be, on alert. Furthermore yellow rain warnings have been issued for parts of Northern Ireland.

Storm Ciarán

The upcoming storm is following a series of flooding incidents that occurred over the weekend. The continuous rainy weather has caused the ground to become saturated which increases the risk of floods.

The Environment Agency is stressing the importance of being cautious especially when walking along paths and promenades. They have strongly advised against driving through floodwaters pointing out that 30cm of flowing water can displace a car.

The Impact of Persistent Rainfall

Storm Ciarán is expect to bring winds and heavy rainfall to southern England and Wales. Chris Almond, the Deputy Chief Meteorologist, at the Met Office mentioned that winds could gust up to 80mph along the coast of England.

In exposed areas there is a possibility of winds reaching 90mph. Inland regions may experience gusts ranging from 50 to 60 mph.

The storms low pressure system is predict to bring rainfall across parts of the UK. The heaviest rainfall is expect in western regions with estimated amounts ranging from 20 to 25 mm. However higher elevated areas might see as 40 to 60 mm of rain.

Storm Ciarán

Almond also mentioned that this continuous rain falling on saturated ground could worsen flooding, in areas that are still recovering from weeks heavy rainfall. Recent incidents have already portrayed a situation.

In Hastings, a town, in East Sussex, a shopping center had to be evacuated because floodwaters breached its entrance. Similarly in County Durham, a village witnessed the evacuation of homes and damage to shops due to flooding that submerged them under feet of water.

Bognor Regis also experienced flooding with a caravan park submerged and the car park of a Tesco supermarket flooded. Local residents even compare the winds to tornadoes after witnessing a house roof being torn off.

As Storm Ciarán approaches meteorologists and officials are urging residents to stay updated with the warnings and take precautions. This storm is more, than another weather event; it serves as a reminder of the power of nature.

UK Prepares for Storm Ciarán: Flood Alerts and Heavy Rain Expected