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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

22nd of July 2023



Vice President Kamala Harris Advocates for Accurate Black History Education in Florida

Vice President Kamala Harris recently visited Jacksonville, Florida, to voice her concerns over the state’s new school curriculum standards. She argued that these standards are replacing factual history with misinformation. Harris warned that this issue extends beyond Florida and is part of a larger national agenda. This visit highlights the importance of accurate Black history education in Florida and across the nation.

Harris Criticizes Florida’s Governor

Harris used her platform at the Ritz Theatre and Museum in LaVilla, a historically Black neighborhood, to criticize measures taken by Governor Ron DeSantis’s administration.

Also she argued that the governor’s efforts to reject what he calls “woke ideology” are dangerously far from mainstream thinking. This stance has sparked a debate about history education in Florida. With Harris advocating for a more inclusive and accurate approach.

Black History Education in Florida

Harris’s visit was prompted by the Florida Board of Education’s changes to the state’s African American history courses for K-12 students. One controversial change includes a new benchmark that suggests slaves could use their skills for personal benefit.

This change has been widely criticized as a distortion of history. And also an ignorance of the oppression faced by African Americans.

Harris’s opposition to these changes underscores the ongoing struggle for accurate Black history education in Florida.

In response to Harris’s criticisms, Governor DeSantis defended his administration’s actions. He accused Democrats like Harris of lying about Florida’s educational standards to cover for their own agenda of indoctrinating students.

This response further fuels the debate over Black history education in Florida, highlighting the political divide on this issue.

Harris Calls for Unity and Accurate Black History Education in Florida

Harris urged supporters to stand together against these changes. She also emphasized the importance of teaching accurate history, saying, “Black history is American history.”

Black History Education in Florida

She warned against unnecessary debates that distract and divide the country, such as the debate over whether enslaved people benefited from slavery.

Her call for unity and accurate Black history education in Florida resonates with many who believe in the importance of understanding our shared history.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, this issue is likely to remain a hot topic. Harris assured Floridians that she and President Joe Biden support them and called for unity and a shared understanding of history.

Also she concluded, “We are all in this together.” This statement serves as a reminder of the ongoing fight for accurate Black history education in Florida and across the country.

Vice President Kamala Harris Advocates for Accurate Black History Education in Florida