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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

14th of June 2023



Amazon Web Services Outage Disrupts Publishers, Restored to Normal Operations

Amazon’s cloud computing unit, Amazon Web Services (AWS), suffered an outage that affected publishers, rendering their websites inoperable.

The root cause of the issue was identify as AWS Lambda, a service enabling customers to run code for various applications.

After roughly two hours, Amazon reported on its AWS status page that many affected services had “fully recovered” and continued to recover the rest.

By 6:30 pm ET, Amazon announced that all AWS services were operating normally.

Amazon acknowledged experiencing multiple error rates for Amazon Web Services in the Northern Virginia region, where data centers are concentrated.

Customers may have encountered authentication or sign-in errors, as well as difficulties connecting with AWS Support. The Lambda service issue indirectly impacted other AWS services.

The outage affected various companies, including news organizations like The Verge and Penn Live.

Even the Associated Press faced difficulties operating its sites during the breaking news of former President Donald Trump appearing in court.

Delta Air Lines experience some minor disruptions in inbound calls but stated that bookings, flights, and airport operations unaffected.

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Recalling the December 2021 Amazon Web Services Outage

Amazon Web Services

This recent outage evokes memories of a longer AWS outage in December 2021. Which disrupted numerous U.S. companies for over five hours.

Coinciding with the outage, Amazon is hosting a two-day security conference in Anaheim, California, to showcase its cloud offerings.

The incident comes as AWS has experienced slower growth due to reduced spending by companies during the previous quarter.

Amazon Web Services encountered an outage, impacting publishers and leading to website operational issues.

The root cause identified as AWS Lambda, and while services partially restored within a couple of hours, full recovery achieved later.

The incident affected news organizations and major businesses, highlighting the widespread reliance on AWS.

This event echoes a previous significant outage, and it occurred during Amazon’s security conference, where AWS was being promoted.

Amazon Web Services Outage Disrupts Publishers, Restored to Normal Operations