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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

9th of June 2023



Religious Right Leader and Televangelist Pat Robertson Passes Away at 93

A respected televangelist and influential leader of the religious right, Pat Robertson passes away at the age of 93. This article pays tribute to his remarkable career, shedding light on his significant contributions as a Christian broadcaster and political activist.

Born into a politically connected family, Pat Robertson’s true calling emerged within the evangelical Christian church.

In 1960, he founded the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and worked tirelessly to support it through telethons. CBN’s programming soon reached a global audience.

In the late 1970s, Robertson established Regent University, initially a Christian college located in Virginia Beach.

Aspiring for greater influence, he pursued the 1988 Republican presidential nomination, advocating for both social and fiscal conservatism.

Although his campaign did not succeed, it propelled Robertson into the spotlight among politically engaged white evangelicals.

Subsequently, he founded the Christian Coalition in 1989, aiming to mobilize these voters.

A Charismatic, Divisive Leader Pat Robertson Passes Away

Pat Robertson Passes Away

Robertson possessed a unique ability to captivate and mobilize followers, with a shrewdness in political strategy that even impressed his critics.

Terry Heaton, a former TV producer for Robertson, acknowledged his brilliance in shaping conservative media and influencing Republican Party politics.

Robertson’s influence extended to the White House, where he conducted interviews with presidents like Ronald Reagan.

In later years, he aligned himself with Donald Trump, garnering both support and criticism from fellow evangelical leaders.

While some applauded Robertson for his charitable work through organizations like Operation Blessing, others held him responsible for politicizing American evangelicalism, which they regarded as harmful.

Detractors also pointed to his controversial remarks, often criticized as anti-gay and racially insensitive.

Pat Robertson passes away, a significant figure in the religious right movement and a renowned televangelist, has peacefully at the age of 93.

Throughout his career as a Christian broadcaster and political activist, Robertson made a profound impact on conservative Christianity in the United States.

While his supporters admired his accomplishments and charitable endeavors, his critics questioned the divisive nature of his rhetoric and its perceived negative influence on society.

Robertson’s legacy will continue to ignite discussions about the intersection of religion and politics for years to come.

Religious Right Leader and Televangelist Pat Robertson Passes Away at 93