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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

11 Jun 2023


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Arcangelo Makes History with Belmont Stakes Win, Jena Antonucci Becomes First Female Trainer to Triumph

In a historic moment at Belmont Park in Elmont, N.Y., a gray colt named Arcangelo emerged as the victor in the Belmont Stakes, the final leg of the Triple Crown series.

The win marked a significant milestone as Jena Antonucci became the first female trainer to ever capture this esteemed race in its 155-year history.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Antonucci expressed her pride in the horse’s performance and delivered an inspiring message, encouraging others to persevere and create their own opportunities in male-dominated fields.

Jockey Javier Castellano skillfully guided Arcangelo to victory, adding another notable achievement to his already impressive year. Earlier, Castellano won his first Kentucky Derby aboard Mage.

The gray colt’s triumph at the Belmont Stakes showcased his exceptional talent and determination.

Antonucci lauded Arcangelo’s indomitable spirit, describing him as having the heart of a true champion.

While the exhilaration of the Belmont Stakes filled the air, recent horse deaths in the racing industry cast a shadow on the sport’s safety practices.

Churchill Downs, the venue for the Kentucky Derby, temporarily suspended racing in Louisville following the tragic loss of 12 horses on the track since April.

Additionally, a horse had to be euthanized earlier this month due to injuries sustained during a race at Belmont Park.

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Jena Antonucci Breaks Barriers as First Female Trainer to Win Belmont Stakes

Belmont Stakes

Amid growing scrutiny, industry leaders maintain that horse racing has implemented safety measures to protect the well-being of the animals.

According to reports, horse fatalities have decreased by more than 37% since comprehensive tracking began in 2009.

However, the recent deaths have sparked calls for reform. The Humane Society expressed concern, emphasizing the need for meaningful changes that prioritize horse safety and responsible medication practices.

Outside Belmont Park, a group of individuals carrying signs gathered in protest against what they perceive as the “cruelty and death” associated with horse racing.

The protest, organized by animal rights organization NYCLASS, aimed to draw attention to the potential harm faced by horses in the racing industry.

Arcangelo’s victory at the Belmont Stakes not only showcased the remarkable talent of the gray colt but also marked a historic moment as Jena Antonucci became the first female trainer to achieve such a feat.

While celebrating this milestone, the racing industry faces renewed scrutiny due to recent horse deaths.

Calls for reform and a commitment to prioritize horse safety continue to echo within the industry as stakeholders navigate the path toward a more secure and compassionate future for racehorses.

Arcangelo Makes History with Belmont Stakes Win, Jena Antonucci Becomes First Female Trainer to Triumph