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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

29th of July 2023



NatWest Chairman Controversy: Stability or Resignation?

The NatWest Chairman controversy has been making headlines recently, with City Minister Andrew Griffith stepping into the fray. He has voiced his opinion on the matter, stating that the chairman’s resignation amidst the turmoil would not be beneficial.

This statement came after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak refrained from supporting Sir Howard Davies, the chairman at the heart of the controversy.

The Root of the NatWest Chairman Controversy

The NatWest Chairman controversy began following the closure of Nigel Farage’s account. This event led to public calls for Sir Howard’s resignation. Despite the pressure, Sir Howard has decided to stay on to maintain the bank’s stability.

This decision follows the resignation of NatWest CEO Dame Alison Rose, who admitted to a mistake regarding Farage’s relationship with Coutts, a NatWest subsidiary.

NatWest Chairman Controversy

In the wake of the NatWest Chairman controversy, the Coutts boss also resigned. The future of Sir Howard, who plans to step down in mid-2024, is now under scrutiny.

Griffith, however, believes that Sir Howard’s immediate departure wouldn’t be beneficial. He emphasized the need for an independent investigation to uncover the truth behind the NatWest Chairman controversy.

The Importance of Values and Free Speech Amidst

Sunak, when asked about his stance on the NatWest Chairman , highlighted the importance of values and free speech. He stated that the controversy wasn’t about any individual. But about the principle of not being discriminated against for legally held views.

Meanwhile, an independent investigation by City law firm Travers Smith has initiated to probe into the closure of Farage’s account and the handling of related information.

NatWest Chairman Controversy

The independent investigation will review the decision to close Farage’s accounts, examine the circumstances surrounding the BBC story, and check for any breach of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The results of the investigation, expected within four to six weeks, are eagerly awaited as they will shed light on the NatWest Chairman controversy.

The banking world, along with the public, is keenly watching the developments in this controversy, waiting to see if stability will prevail over resignation.

NatWest Chairman Controversy: Stability or Resignation?