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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

8 Aug 2023


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Canadian Housing Affordability: Unveiling the Most Budget-Friendly Cities

The dream of homeownership is universal, but in Canada, the reality of buying a home varies significantly across cities. While some urban centres remain out of reach for average earners, others offer surprising affordability. A recent study by Zoocasa has brought to light the nuances of Canadian Housing Affordability, revealing where homes are most and least accessible based on median incomes.

Zoocasa’s Findings on Canadian Housing Affordability

Canadian Housing Affordability

Zoocasa’s in-depth research spanned 17 major Canadian real estate markets. The results were eye-opening: in 10 of these markets, individuals earning the city’s median income could not afford a home at the average price.

However, for those willing to expand their horizons beyond cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa, Canadian Housing Affordability becomes a tangible reality.

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Cities Championing Canadian Housing Affordability

Canadian Housing Affordability
  • Saint John, N.B. – Leading the pack in Canadian Housing Affordability is Saint John, N.B. With a median income of $79,000, which is on the lower side compared to other markets, the average home price here stands at a modest $291,000. This figure is well beneath the maximum home price threshold of $365,165 for median income earners, making Saint John a beacon of Housing Affordability.
  • Regina’s Remarkable Affordability – Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan, showcases a significant gap between the average home price of $318,700 and what a median income earner can afford, which is as high as $429,457. Such figures emphasize Regina’s standing in the Canadian Housing Affordability landscape.
  • Other Cities Making a Mark – Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Quebec City, and Prince Edward Island also join the ranks, offering average home prices that align with the affordability range for median income earners. These cities further bolster the narrative of Housing Affordability.

The Flip Side: Cities Where Affordability Eludes

Vancouver and Toronto, with their soaring real estate prices, pose challenges for those seeking Housing Affordability.

With average home prices hovering over the $1 million mark, these cities remain elusive for many median income earners. Ottawa, despite boasting the highest median income at $106,240, has homes that stretch beyond the financial reach of many.

Similarly, Victoria and Calgary, despite their robust median incomes, present hurdles in the path of Canadian Housing Affordability.

Canadian Housing Affordability

Zoocasa’s approach to understanding Canadian Housing Affordability involved gleaning median household incomes from Statistics Canada.

They then calculated the maximum affordability for these households, considering factors like interest rates and amortization periods.

The average home prices, sourced from the Canadian Real Estate Association, provided the final piece of the puzzle.

The Canadian real estate landscape, with its diverse price points and income brackets, presents both challenges and opportunities.

As the dynamics of the market continue to shift, understanding Canadian Housing Affordability becomes paramount for potential homebuyers and policymakers alike.

With the right insights and strategies, the dream of homeownership can become a reality for many more Canadians.

Canadian Housing Affordability: Unveiling the Most Budget-Friendly Cities