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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

Updated On 4th of December 2023.



Chip Theory Games

Chip Theory Games is a renowned name in the world of board games. It has carved out a distinct niche in the gaming business through their inventive utilisation of poker chips and high-quality components.

Their games are more than just games; they are memorable experiences that bring people together.

History of Chip Theory Games

Chip Theory Games

Founded in 2012 by brothers Adam and Josh Carlson, Chip Theory Games started with a simple idea: to create board games that were not only fun but also of exceptional quality.

The brothers, both engineers by training, combined their passion for gaming with their technical abilities to launch a firm that would reimagine what a board game could be.

It has developed from a small startup to a known name in the industry over the years, releasing multiple popular titles and developing a devoted fanbase.

Overview of Products

It has a varied game library, with each giving a distinct gaming experience. Their games are well-known for their unique mechanics, deep themes, and high-quality components. Here’s a look at some of their most popular products:

Too Many Bones

Chip Theory Games

Too Many Bones is a standout title in the Chip Theory Games lineup. This dice-building RPG takes players on an adventure through the land of Daelore, where they must defeat a tyrant causing chaos.

Each player takes control of a distinct character known as a Gearloc and uses bespoke dice to conduct actions, increase their powers, and battle foes.

The game is famous for its intricate tactics, character advancement, and high replay value.

There are numerous dictators to vanquish and Gearlocs to play, so no two Too Many Bones games are the same.


Chip Theory Games

Cloudspire exemplifies Chip Theory Games’ inventive mentality. This board game mixes aspects of tower defence and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games to provide a unique gaming experience.

Players control factions competing for control of valuable resources in the floating globe of Ankar. The game has a modular board that allows for a unique arrangement each time you play.

Cloudspire provides a tough and engrossing gaming experience with its strategic gameplay and gorgeous components.

Hoplo: 4 Cataclysm

Chip Theory Games

Hoplo: 4 Cataclysm is another popular game from Chip Theory Games. Players control a team of Hoplomachus gladiators struggling for survival in this tactical, chip based combat game set in a post-apocalyptic environment.

The battle mechanism in the game is unique in that it uses poker chips to represent gladiators, each with their own powers and characteristics.

To defeat their opponents, players must carefully manoeuvre their gladiators and employ their talents.

Hoplo: 4 Cataclysm is an exciting game that keeps players on the edge of their seats thanks to its furious combat and strategic depth.

Game TitleGameplay MechanicsTheme
Too Many BonesDice-building RPGFantasy
CloudspireTower defense and tactical warfareSci-Fi
Hoplo: 4 CataclysmChip-based combatPost-Apocalyptic

Unique Aspects of Chip Theory Games

Chip Theory Games

Chip Theory Games’ commitment to quality and creativity distinguishes them from other game firms. Poker chips are a key component in their games, adding a tactile and visually appealing element to gaming.

These chips aren’t just for show; they’re part of the game’s dynamics, acting as health counters, resources, or units.

From the chips to the game boards, the high quality components utilised in their games are meant to enhance the gaming experience and last the test of time.

Community and Fanbase

Chip Theory Games

The community around Chip Theory Games is vibrant and passionate. Fans meet together at events, participate in online forums, and even host their own game evenings.

The firm values its customers and frequently incorporates their feedback into new game expansions and upgrades. This close knit group attests to the high quality of it’s experiences.

Interviews and Insights

Chip Theory Games

It’s founders have discussed their design philosophy in interviews. They believe in developing games that are not only entertaining but also provide a profound strategic experience.

They work hard to push the limits of what a board game can be, experimenting with novel mechanics and themes. Every game they produce demonstrates their dedication to quality and innovation.

Future of Chip Theory Games

Chip Theory Games

Looking ahead, Chip Theory Games has several exciting projects in the pipeline. They continue to add new expansions to their existing games, adding new characters, settings, and features.

They are also developing on completely new games, experimenting with fresh themes and gameplay ideas. It future appears bright, given their track record of quality and creativity.

The Impact of Chip Theory Games on the Industry

Chip Theory Games has had a significant impact on the board game industry. Their dedication to quality and innovation has raised the standard for what board game players demand.

Poker chips, in particular, have been a game changer, providing a unique tactile experience as well as a new layer of strategy to their games.

Other businesses have taken notice, and it’s not uncommon to see games inspired by Chip Theory Games gameplay and design philosophy.

How to Get Involved with Chip Theory Games

Participating in it is simple and enjoyable. The initial step is to play one of their games. You can then join the community via their website or social media networks.

Participate in debates, share your gaming experiences, and even help build new games and expansions.

Chip Theory Games often involves their community in the development process, seeking feedback and ideas. By getting involved, you can be a part of the future of them.

Chip Theory Games Support

Chip Theory Games has gained a reputation, for their support and commitment to delivering high quality products. If you require any assistance with their offerings, such, as parts, damaged items or inquiries regarding game rules their support team is known to be highly responsive.

You can easily reach out to them via their website. They also have an asked questions (FAQ) section that covers queries and concerns. Additionally they actively engage with the gaming community through their social media profiles by providing updates and offering support.

Chip Theory Games’ Cloudspire

“Cloudspire” is a standout title created by Chip Theory Games. It’s a board game that brings together elements of tower defense handling resources and tactical combat.

The game takes place in a captivating fantasy realm where players take command of factions, with abilities and units engaging in battles to gain control over the floating realms called the Ankar.

What sets this game apart are its top notch components, gameplay and breathtaking artwork. You can enjoy “Cloudspire” either on your own as an experience or, in play providing various ways to engage with the game.

For information gameplay videos and reviews feel free to visit the “Cloudspire” page on BoardGameGeek or explore Chip Theory Games official website.

Final Thought

It has made a name for itself in the board game industry with its unique games and high quality components.

Their dedication to innovation and quality, paired with their enthusiasm for producing interesting gaming experiences, distinguishes them from the competition.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the hobby, there’s a Chip Theory Games title that will keep you entertained for hours.

Youtube Video About Chip Theory Games

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What is the most popular game from Chip Theory Games?

Too Many Bones is one of the most popular games from it.

What makes Chip Theory Games unique?

Chip Theory Games is known for its use of poker chips in gameplay and high-quality game components.

Where can I buy games from them?

You can purchase games directly from the Chip Theory Games website or from various online and physical retailers.

Does They participate in gaming conventions?

Yes, It often has a presence at major gaming conventions where they showcase their games and interact with fans.

Are there expansions available for Them?

Yes, It regularly releases expansions for their games, adding new gameplay elements and extending the life of their games.

Chip Theory Games