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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

3rd of July 2023



Cowboy Cruiser E-Bike with Upright Riding Position

Cowboy, the renowned premium e-bike manufacturer, has introduced its latest model. The Cowboy Cruiser E-Bike, offering riders a more comfortable and upright riding position.

This new variant is designed to cater to the relaxed Dutch riding style and incorporates features. That enhance both comfort and functionality.

Weighing 19.3 kg (42.5 lbs), the Cowboy Cruiser E-Bike boasts an ergonomic design that prioritizes rider comfort. One of the standout features is the wider saddle. Which provides additional support and helps alleviate pressure points during longer rides.

Additionally, the e-bike includes comfort grips and a distinctive raised and curved handlebar. Promoting a natural hand position and further enhancing rider comfort.

Cowboy Cruiser E-Bike

To cater to the needs of modern riders, the Cowboy Cruiser also comes equipped with a wireless charging phone mount. Allowing riders to conveniently charge their smartphones while on the move.

The integration with Google Maps through the companion app further enhances the riding experience by providing seamless navigation and route guidance.

In terms of practicality, the Cowboy Cruiser offers several notable features. It is equipped with a removable battery, allowing for easy charging and replacement. The use of a carbon belt drive ensures smooth and efficient power transfer, reducing maintenance needs.

The e-bike also features mudguards to protect riders from splashes and “puncture-resistant” 47mm tires for added durability and reliability on various road surfaces.

Cowboy Cruiser E-Bike Renaming and Lineup Expansion

Safety is a key aspect of the Cowboy Cruiser E-Bike, as with all Cowboy e-bike models. It incorporates crash detection technology. Providing riders with an added layer of security and peace of mind while on the road.

In addition to introducing the Cowboy Cruiser, the company has also renamed its existing e-bike models to simplify the selection process for customers.

The original C4 model is now known as the Cowboy Classic, while the C4ST has rebrand as the Cruiser ST. Ensuring that customers can easily identify the e-bike that best suits their personal preferences and needs.

Cowboy Cruiser E-Bike

The Cowboy Cruiser is now available for purchase at an “introductory price” of £2,690 ($3,393.43). Customers can choose between black and sand colorways.

The e-bike can be purchase directly from the Cowboy website or through any of its 300 retail partners across Europe, making it easily accessible to riders seeking a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Overall, the Cowboy Cruiser e-bike showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation and rider-centric design, offering a versatile and stylish e-bike option that caters to the needs of urban commuters and leisure riders alike.

Cowboy Cruiser E-Bike with Upright Riding Position