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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

7 Aug 2023


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Dental Implants Denver

People who have lost one or more teeth have the popular and reliable option of dental implants as a tooth replacement. They are inserted surgically into the jawbone, where they solidify and provide as a stable and long-lasting basis for a replacement tooth. If you’re considering dental implants Denver, here’s what you need to know.

Aftercare and Maintenance of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Denver

It’s crucial to follow your dentist’s advice for aftercare and maintenance following your dental implant operation.

This include maintaining proper dental hygiene, making routine appointments for checks and cleanings, and abstaining from behaviors that can harm your implants, such smoking or biting on hard foods.

Cost of Dental Implants in Denver

Dental Implants Denver

The cost of dental implants Denver can vary depending on several factors, such as the number of implants needed, the location of the provider, and whether or not additional procedures, such as bone grafting, are required.

It’s crucial to go through the price of dental implants with your dentist and to look into financing and insurance possibilities.

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Choosing a Dental Implant Provider in Denver

When choosing a dental implants Denver provider, it’s important to do your research. Find a dentist who has performed dental implant surgery before, and enquire about their patient satisfaction and success rates. Additionally, think about things like cost, insurance coverage, and location.

Dental Implants Denver Locations

Murphy Plastic SurgeryPlastic surgeon799 E Hampden Ave #540
Dental Arts of Cherry HillsDentist3575 S Sherman St Ste 3
Altura Periodontics and Dental Implants DenverDental implants periodontist3690 S Yosemite St
Denver Dental ImplantsDental implants periodontist1781 15th St
ClearChoice Dental Implant CenterDental implants periodontist8200 E Belleview Ave #500
NuSet Dental Implants and Oral Surgery of DenverDental implants provider4949 Niagara St Suite 220
Dental & Implant Centers of ColoradoCosmetic dentist3737 E 1st Ave
Denver Cosmetic & Implant DentistryDentist1231 S Parker Rd STE 105
Brian Gurinsky, DDS, MS, PC Periodontics ImplantsDental implants periodontist1141 18th St
Broadway Family Dentistry & ImplantsDentist1573 S Broadway
Mini Dental Implants of America Denver, ColoradoDental implants periodontist7090 E Hampden Ave # C
iSmile Dental and ImplantsCosmetic dentist677 S Federal Blvd
Cherry Creek Oral Surgery & Dental ImplantsOral surgeon3955 E Exposition Ave #520
Nuvia Dental Implant CenterDental implants provider8000 E Prentice Ave STE A3
Poulos, Somers & MarshallDental implants periodontist700 Broadway #1135
Mountain Top Periodontics & Implants – DenverDental clinic8000 E Prentice Ave
Denver Periodontal Implant and Oral WellnessDental implants periodontistEast Tower, 8200 E Belleview Ave Suite 450
Stamm Dental WellnessDental implants periodontist1960 Ogden St #260
Dr. Mike Norouzinia, DDS | Periodontist & Dental Implants |Cherry Creek DenverPeriodontist3300 E 1st Ave #615
Pearl LaiDental implants periodontist7506 E 36th Ave
Mile High Denture & Implant Centers- EnglewoodDental implants periodontist5120 S Broadway Suite B
Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant CenterDentist2900 S Peoria St STE C
ClearChoice Management Services, LLCDental implants periodontist8350 E Crescent Pkwy #300
Ann SomersDental implants periodontist700 Broadway #1135
Meridian Periodontics & Dental Implants Denver Tech CenterPeriodontist7447 E Berry Ave #230
Dental Implants DenverDenture care center125 Rampart Way
Aspen Dental: Dr. Laura Noce, DMD, MScDental implants periodontist3300 E 1st Ave Unit 300
Accord Dental GroupDental clinic2121 S Oneida St #321
Omar Al BayatiDentist155 Cook St # 201
Smile Clinic ColoradoDentist695 S Colorado Blvd #320
The Denver DentistsDental clinic2190 E 17th Ave
Meridian Periodontics of Central ParkPeriodontist2979 Iola St
Advanced Periodontal SolutionsDentist501 S Cherry St STE 220
Altitude Oral and Facial SurgeryDentist1440 Blake St
Advanced Aesthetic DentistryDental implants provider1164 Elati St
River Mile DentalDentist+1 303-945-3483
Platinum Dental CareCosmetic dentist3955 E Exposition Ave #520
Retro Dental HighlandsDentist3025 W 38th Ave
C.S. Family DentalDentist6825 E Hampden Ave # 101
Espire Dental | DTCDentist8080 E Union Ave Suite 140
Ascent Dental GroupDentist4500 Cherry Creek S Dr #100
Cherry Creek Dental SpaDentist155 S Madison St #220
Dr. Eric A. Dale, DDSDentist501 S Cherry St STE 220
Dental ElementsDentist1781 15th St
Pollack Sage DrDentist2750 W 29th Ave
Affordable Dentures & ImplantsDentist12293 E Iliff Ave Unit A
Barotz DentalDentist303 16th St Mall #250
Fainberg Dental Center | Denver DentistDentist5800 E Evans Ave # 100
Clermont DentalCosmetic dentist2101 S Clermont St
Trust Family DentalDentist805 S Federal Blvd
OG DentalDentist4402 Umatilla St
Centric Dental Restorations (CDR Denver)Dental laboratory6531 W 56th Ave #16
City Roots DentalDentist4433 W 29th Ave #206
Park Hill Family DentalDentist1516 Locust St
Reiser DentalDentist5050 E Cherry Creek S Dr Suite 1
Wynkoop DentistryDental clinic1401 Wynkoop St STE 160
Espire Dental | Glendale-Cherry CreekDentistParking lot, 6825 E Tennessee Ave #621
38th Modern DentalDentist3550 W 38th Ave #50
Periodontics of Cherry CreekPeriodontist4500 Cherry Creek S Dr #101
Park Hill Dental ArtsDentist4624 E 23rd Ave
Colorado Premier DentalDentist6565 W Jewell Ave Ste 1A

Final Thought

Dental implants may be the best option for you if you’re seeking for a long-lasting and efficient replacement for lost teeth.

By choosing an experienced dental implants Denver and following proper aftercare and maintenance, you can enjoy improved oral health, function, and quality of life for years to come.

Set up a consultation with your dentist right now to find out more about Denver dental implants and how they may help you.

Youtube Video About Dental Implants Denver


Can dental implants be used for multiple missing teeth?

Implants can replace several teeth. Your dentist may propose an implant-supported bridge or denture depending on the number and location of lost teeth. This can fix many lost teeth permanently.

Are dental implants suitable for older adults?

If elderly persons are healthy and have enough jaw bone density, dental implants can replace their teeth. Dental implants may be ideal for you if your dentist assesses your oral and general health.

How long does it take to get dental implants in Denver?

Implant implantation, osseointegration, and rehabilitation might take months. The amount of implants and case complexity can also affect the time of the process. Your dentist will give you a timeframe.

What is the success rate of dental implants in Denver?

Dental implant providers in Denver report over 95% success rates. Dental implant success depends on the dentist’s ability, the patient’s health, and their dedication to aftercare and upkeep.

How do I know if I need dental implants?

Dental implants can restore lost teeth permanently and effectively. Your dentist can assess your oral health and recommend dental implants. Your health, jawbone density, and number and location of lost teeth should be considered.

Dental Implants Denver