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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

1st of July 2023



Irving and Draymond Green Stay Put as Big Deals Fly in Opening Hours

Draymond Green, a vital piece of the Golden State Warriors’ championship-winning roster. Signed a new contract worth $100 million over four seasons.

Draymond Green deal ensures he will continue to play alongside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson as they aim for further success. Green opted out of his previous contract and will now be under contract for more years with the Warriors.

Kyrie Irving, one of the most sought-after free agents, agreed to a three-year. $126 million deal to remain with the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavericks, who acquired Irving in February, made it their top priority to keep him. The agreement was confirm by a source with knowledge of the negotiations, solidifying Irving’s future with the team.

Jerami Grant secured a lucrative five-year, $160 million extension to remain with the Portland Trail Blazers. The team hopes this move will satisfy star player Damian Lillard and discourage any trade requests.

Grant’s decision to stay in Portland, along with Kyle Kuzma’s agreement to remain with the Washington Wizards, adds stability to both franchises.

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Draymond Green Contract and Record-Breaking Salary Cap

Draymond Green

The NBA confirmed that the salary cap for the upcoming season will be a historic $136.021 million, with the tax level set at $165.294 million.

Teams are required to commit at least $122.418 million in salaries. And various salary thresholds have established for teams based on their tax status. These financial figures set the stage for teams to navigate the free agency market and make strategic moves.

The NBA free agency opened with a flurry of high-profile signings, as Kyrie Irving, Draymond Green, and Jerami Grant all decided to remain with their respective teams. Irving’s deal with the Mavericks, Green’s extension with the Warriors.

Draymond Green new contract will reportedly run for four seasons at a total of $100 million. And Grant’s extension with the Trail Blazers were among the significant deals struck in the opening hours.

Additionally, the league announced a record-breaking salary cap for the upcoming season. Providing teams with financial guidelines as they make their moves in free agency.

Irving and Draymond Green Stay Put as Big Deals Fly in Opening Hours