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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

10 Jan 2024 Updated.


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Twitter’s Departure Raises Concerns about EU Disinformation Agreement

Twitter’s decision to withdraw from the voluntary EU disinformation agreement has sparked concerns about its dedication to combating false information.

While other major social media platforms have pledged support, Twitter’s departure raises questions about its commitment to the shared effort.

Under the EU disinformation agreement, companies are expected to measure their efforts in combating disinformation. And provide regular reports on their progress.

However, Twitter’s reluctance to fully meet its commitments became evident when it failed to deliver a comprehensive initial report.

Lacking specific information and targeted data. The European Commission expressed dissatisfaction with Twitter’s adherence to the agreement.

As the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk’s impact on the platform’s approach to misinformation is notable.

His aim to transform Twitter into a digital town square has led to the rollback of anti-misinformation rules and disruptions in the verification system and content moderation policies.

These changes have raised concerns about the effectiveness and integrity of Twitter’s efforts to combat false information.

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Twitter Withdraws from EU Disinformation Agreement

With the introduction of new digital rules that incorporate the EU disinformation agreement, combating disinformation will become a legal obligation.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton emphasizes the enforcement of these obligations, ensuring platforms are held accountable for their role in countering false information online.

Twitter’s withdrawal from the EU disinformation agreement raises questions about the company’s commitment to combating false information. As other major social media platforms continue to support the agreement, Twitter’s departure invites scrutiny.

EU Disinformation Agreement

The forthcoming stringent digital rules will further test Twitter’s adherence to its obligations.

Twitter’s decision to withdraw from the voluntary EU Disinformation Agreement has generated concerns about the platform’s commitment to combating false information.

While other major social media platforms remain dedicated to the shared effort, questions arise regarding Twitter’s compliance.

The influence of owner Elon Musk on Twitter’s direction in addressing misinformation remains a topic of scrutiny.

As the EU introduces new digital rules, the obligation to combat disinformation becomes legally binding, emphasizing the importance of enforcement and accountability.

Can Twitter Messages Be Deleted?

Yes you can definitely delete Twitter messages, also known as Tweets. Users have the option to remove any Tweet they have posted.

Deleting a Tweet is quite simple; just find the Tweet click on the menu, in the right corner of it and choose ‘Delete’. It’s worth mentioning that once a Tweet is deleted it is permanently taken off from your account and will no longer appear on the timeline of anyone who follows you.

How to View Deleted Twitter Account

Typically it’s not possible to view a Twitter account that has been deleted. When a user chooses to delete their Twitter account all the data associated with it such, as tweets, followers and likes are permanently removed after 30 days.

During this duration the account is. Not entirely deleted. Nevertheless there is no method to access the contents of an account once it has been completely deleted.

Twitter’s Departure Raises Concerns about EU Disinformation Agreement