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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

5th of July 2023



Early Prime Day Deal: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 at Lowest Price Again!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is an impressive Wear OS smartwatch, surpassing the Google Pixel Watch in terms of powerful internals and features. Now, an early Prime Day deal on Amazon brings the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 down to its lowest price again, making it an irresistible choice over other Android smartwatches.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is packed with nearly all the features you could ask for in a smartwatch. Its 1.19-inch circular AMOLED display is protected by Sapphire Crystal Glass, ensuring durability.

Internally, the combination of the Exynos W920 SoC and 1.5GB RAM guarantees smooth performance. For health tracking, the Galaxy Watch 5 can monitor your step count, sleep cycle, heart rate. And even measure your body composition.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss this Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Deal

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

With the upcoming One UI 5 Watch, based on Android 13 and Wear OS 4, the Galaxy Watch 6 will receive even more features.

These include sleep coaching, SmartThings integration, enhanced SOS implementation, and personalized heart rate zones for customized workouts.

While battery life is average, opting for the 44mm model will provide longer runtimes. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is also available with an $80 discount, bringing its price down to $280. Additionally, the Watch 5 supports fast charging, allowing you to charge up to 45% in just 30 minutes.

Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Watch 6 series soon. But it will likely come with a higher price tag. If you want to take advantage of this fantastic deal, now is the time.

The Galaxy Watch 5 offers exceptional value for $200 and is hard to beat unless you specifically need the latest model.

Take advantage of the early Prime Day deal on Amazon and get the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 at its lowest price again.

With its powerful internals, impressive features, and durable design, it outshines other Android smartwatches. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a high-quality Wear OS smartwatch at an unbeatable value!

Early Prime Day Deal: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 at Lowest Price Again!