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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

21 Jun 2023


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Google Pixel Tablet Review: Versatile and Enhanced by Clever Accessories

The Google Pixel Tablet combines the features of a tablet and a smart display, straddling two product categories. While it excels as a smart display, offering a user-friendly interface and impressive audio quality, it falls slightly short as a standalone tablet.

However, when paired with the accompanying case and charging speaker base, it becomes a versatile and more compelling device. The affordable price of $500, which includes the speaker base, makes it an attractive package.

Despite its sub-$400 price tag, the Google Pixel Tablet does not feel like a budget device. Its nano-ceramic coating gives it a premium feel, and its lightweight design sets it apart from competitors. The tablet’s appearance is sleek, with the

Rose color option being the most visually appealing. The tablet docks onto the speaker base, resembling other Google smart home products in design. While inoffensive, it may not elicit the same excitement as other high-end ornaments.

The Pixel Tablet shines as a smart display, offering a useful dashboard and easy access to connected home controls.

The screen is always visible, even in various lighting conditions, and its night mode provides a dim display that shows essential information without being overly bright.

The tablet’s smart display capabilities are not unique but deliver a satisfactory experience. It offers an improved audio quality compared to standalone speakers, making it a useful addition to any room.

Google Pixel Tablet Functionality and Limitations

Google Pixel Tablet

As a standalone tablet, the Google Pixel Tablet performs decently. Its kickstand and versatile case allow for easy placement and viewing angles. The display quality is crisp, although not as vibrant as some competitors.

The tablet’s multitasking capabilities and video streaming through Chromecast are useful features. However, there are limitations, such as the inability to cast when the tablet is not docked. Some software bugs, like the lack of Netflix Chromecast support, may impact the user experience.

The Pixel Tablet’s battery life is impressive, lasting up to 21.5 hours on a single charge. The included speaker dock optimizes charging to preserve battery life, providing a convenient and reliable power source.

Recharging the tablet takes approximately three hours via cable, while the speaker dock maintains the battery at around 90% capacity. However, the charging speed may be slightly slower with the dock.

Although the Google Pixel Tablet may not be groundbreaking as a standalone tablet, it shows potential when combined with its accessories.

The device offers an enjoyable user experience, with the majority of its issues being solvable through software updates.

Google’s commitment to improving the Pixel Tablet will determine its success in the market. With ongoing development, this hybrid device could have a bright future ahead.

Google Pixel Tablet Review: Versatile and Enhanced by Clever Accessories