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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

21 Jun 2023


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Paris 2024 Olympics HQ Searched in Corruption Probe

The headquarters of the Paris 2024 Olympics organizers faced a police search on Tuesday. As part of an ongoing corruption investigation into contracts associated with the Games. This marks the third successive Summer Olympics to be embroiled in graft allegations.

The search conducted on Tuesday was connected to two preliminary investigations surrounding the Paris 2024 Olympics. These investigations, initiated in 2017 and 2022, previously undisclosed.

The authorities are examining suspected embezzlement of public funds, favoritism, and potential conflicts of interest.

Rrelated to various contracts awarded by the organizing committee and Solideo, the public body responsible for Olympic infrastructure.

Corruption allegations have frequently overshadowed the world’s largest sporting event. Previous scandals included accusations of vote buying during the selection of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the Tokyo Games in 2021. Resulting in the removal of several International Olympic Committee (IOC) members.

Efforts to address corruption have made since the Salt Lake City Winter Games in 2002. But the Paris 2024 Olympics organizers aimed to set a new standard of transparency and social justice.

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Paris 2024 Olympics: A Symbol of Transparency

Paris 2024 Olympics

Paris 2024 Olympics, considered a historic event for France, has positioned as a celebration of openness and democracy. Particularly in contrast to recent Olympics marred by concerns about human rights.

The organizers have emphasized transparency and social justice, even planning a free outdoor opening ceremony along the Seine River. However, the recent police raids have cast a shadow over these aspirations.

The raids carried out at the Paris 2024 Olympics organizers’ headquarters, Solideo offices, and other related entities have been welcomed by anti-Olympics group Saccage 2024. Which believes corruption is an inherent part of hosting such a major event.

The implicated contracts and alleged wrongdoing have not specifically addressed by Paris 2024 organizers. Who assert their adherence to stringent procedures and commitment to transparency.

The lead-up to the 2024 Games has seen upheaval in French sports, including infighting within the French Olympic Committee and the resignations of key sports federation presidents due to misconduct.

These incidents, coupled with the ongoing corruption investigations, raise concerns about the organizational stability and integrity of the upcoming Olympics.

Paris secure the hosting rights for the Paris 2024 Olympics Summer six years ago, alongside Los Angeles, which awarded the 2028 Games. The IOC aimed to avoid contentious voting and bribery by awarding both cities simultaneously.

Paris emphasized the use of existing facilities to minimize costs, but the budget has already increased due to inflation, currently estimated at around 8 billion euros ($8.2 billion).

Paris 2024 Olympics HQ Searched in Corruption Probe