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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

14th of August 2023



Hay River Wildfire Evacuation: Urgent Move to Airport Amidst Blaze

Hay River, situated in N.W.T., is once again facing the dire consequences of wildfires. The Hay River Wildfire Evacuation is in full swing as residents are urgently directed to the airport.

A new fire, emerging near Paradise Gardens and Garden Road, has led to the shutdown of Highway 2. This is the town’s second evacuation this summer, emphasizing the escalating wildfire threats.

Community’s Reaction to the Hay River Wildfire Evacuation

The urgency of the Hay River Wildfire Evacuation is palpable. Residents, in a bid to escape the looming threat, are lining up to leave.

 Interestingly, Hay River was already hosting evacuees from Fort Smith, who were escaping their own wildfire threat.

Hay River Wildfire Evacuation

Late Sunday evening, a directive issued for the remaining residents to head to the airport, marking it as the primary evacuation and shelter point.

Hay River, which houses around 3,500 residents, is just one of the five N.W.T. communities currently undergoing evacuation due to the aggressive wildfires, further intensified by robust winds.

Alongside Hay River, residents of K’atl’odeeche First Nation and Enterprise have received evacuation orders.

In contrast, Fort Smith residents have been advised to shelter in place, with anticipations of the fire reaching the community’s western end by nightfall.

Personal Accounts Amidst

Rita and Bill Plunkett, inhabitants of K’atl’odeeche First Nation, shared their distress, marking this as their third evacuation event.

Their previous evacuations were due to another wildfire and floodwaters. Rita Plunkett’s words captured the overwhelming nature of witnessing the fire, likening it to being in “another world.

Hay River Wildfire Evacuation

” Yet, amidst the chaos, she emphasized the silver lining of safety and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook.

Recognizing the gravity of the Hay River Wildfire Evacuation, the federal government has stepped in, pledging support to N.W.T. Harjit Sajjan, the Federal Minister of Emergency Preparedness, hinted at the Canadian Forces’ mobilization, though the specifics remain undisclosed.

Additionally, Alberta Transport is actively providing fuel services at Steen River and is set to assist those requiring aid on the highway.

Hay River Wildfire Evacuation: Urgent Move to Airport Amidst Blaze