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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

29 Jun 2023 Updated.


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Prince Harry and Meghan’s New York Car Chase: A Chaotic Ordeal

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Meghan’s mother found themselves caught in a distressing car chase with paparazzi after attending an awards ceremony in New York City.

Their spokesperson revealed that the relentless pursuit lasted over two hours and involved multiple near collisions.

Although the New York Police Department confirmed the incident, no arrests or injuries were reported. The exact details of the incident are still being verified, and Buckingham Palace has not yet issued a statement.

According to reports, the car chase involved several vehicles and reckless driving maneuvers. Such as running red lights, driving on sidewalks, blocking moves, and even reversing down one-way streets. Disturbingly, the paparazzi were taking photographs while driving.

While accounts differ, entertainment picture agency Backgrid stated that the photographers did not believe the couple was in immediate danger at any point.

To evade the paparazzi, Harry and Meghan sought shelter at a Manhattan police station and later planned to use a New York taxi. However, their attempt was thwarted when the photographers spotted them.

Eventually, they resorted to their own security vehicles. One taxi driver named Sonny recalled picking up the royal couple.

And Meghan’s mother before being blocked by a garbage truck, at which point the paparazzi began taking pictures.

The passengers decided to return to the police precinct for safety. Sonny described them as “nice people” who appeared nervous but felt that the paparazzi kept their distance.

Prince Harry Security Concerns and Comparisons to Princess Diana’s Tragic Fate

Prince Harry

Contrasting Sonny’s account, a member of the couple’s security team described the scene. As very chaotic, with photographers at one point blocking the limousine carrying Harry and Meghan.

He emphasized that the public’s safety was compromised and that the situation could have been fatal.

While in the United States, Harry and Meghan rely on private security. However, Harry is currently embroiled in a legal battle in London. Concerning the use of Metropolitan Police protection when he and his family are in the UK.

This incident marks the first public appearance of the couple since King Charles’ Coronation earlier this month. The event they attended was the Ms Foundation Women of Vision Awards.

Where Meghan accepted an award alongside LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter.

The car chase raises significant concerns about the couple’s security and the intrusive behavior of the paparazzi. Prince Harry has been vocal about the media’s impact on his family.

Drawing comparisons to the treatment his late mother, Princess Diana, endured. Diana tragically died in a car crash in Paris while being pursued by photographers.

Prince Harry is currently involved in multiple legal disputes with British tabloids, including allegations of phone hacking and unlawful gathering of information. He continues to fight for media reform and will soon appear in a London court to provide evidence in a phone-hacking case.

The harrowing car chase in New York City serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by Prince Harry and Meghan in their quest for privacy and security.

Prince Harry and Meghan’s New York Car Chase: A Chaotic Ordeal