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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

8th of July 2023



The Controversy Surrounding the Removal of Child Asylum Seekers Murals

In a surprising move, murals of Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters, known as the child asylum seekers murals, removed from a reception center for child asylum seekers murals in Dover.

These murals were designed to create a welcoming atmosphere for the young refugees. However, the order to paint over these child asylum murals came from the immigration minister. Causing a stir among the staff and the public.

Child Asylum Seekers Murals

The Kent Intake Unit (KIU), where the child asylum seekers murals located, opened in November of the previous year. Its primary role is to provide care and support for child migrants. Who arrive in the UK without any accompanying adults.

The Home Office stated that the facility includes child-friendly interview rooms. An outdoor area for recreation, prayer rooms for spiritual needs, a larger reception area for intake.

And enhanced security measures to ensure the safety of the children. The child asylum murals were part of these efforts to create a child-friendly environment.

The Public Reaction to the Removal of the Child Asylum Seekers Murals

The removal of the child asylum murals has sparked a significant amount of criticism. Labour’s shadow immigration minister, Stephen Kinnock, was among those who voiced their disapproval.

He called the idea that removing the murals would deter boat arrivals “utterly absurd”. He described the move as a sign of a “chaotic government in crisis”.

And criticized the government’s “tough talk and cruel and callous policies”. This controversy over the child asylum murals has highlighted the ongoing debate about the UK’s approach to immigration and asylum.

Child Asylum Seekers Murals

According to the i newspaper, sources reported that the staff at the center were shocked by the order to remove the child asylum seekers murals. They were reluctant to carry out the task, showing their commitment to creating a welcoming environment for the children.

This resistance underscores the importance of the child asylum seekers murals in creating a sense of safety and welcome for the young refugees.

A report by His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons noted improvements in the facilities at KIU and nearby centers since previous inspections. However, it also highlighted ongoing issues, including medical isolation practices at KIU.

The report concluded that there were no examples of notable positive practice during the inspection at KIU. The removal of the child asylum seekers murals was not mentioned in the report but has since become a focal point of discussion about the treatment of child asylum seekers in the UK.

The Controversy Surrounding the Removal of Child Asylum Seekers Murals