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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

24th of July 2023



Remnant 2 Game Review: A New Chapter in Gaming

Our Remnant 2 game review begins with the fact that this sequel to the popular game Remnant: From The Ashes is a game-changer in the world of looter-shooter soulslike games.

The original game was a solid start, but Remnant 2 takes the genre to new heights. It’s like a second draft that has been polished to perfection.

The Evolution of Game Sequels

Remnant 2 Game Review

When we look at the history of games and their sequels, it’s often the second attempt at a new idea that truly shines.

This Remnant 2 game review acknowledges that the sequel follows this trend, improving upon the original in remarkable ways.

The combat is smoother, the loot and buildcrafting have been enhanced, and the boss fights have been completely revamped. The game’s realms are diverse and filled with secrets to discover.

The Unique Features of Remnant 2 Game Review

Remnant 2 Game Review

In this Remnant 2 game review, we note that the sequel stands out from other games in its genre. It doesn’t just slap a science-fiction skin onto a tried-and-true formula.

Instead, it blends the best parts of co-op looter shooters like Borderlands and Outriders, adding its own unique twists. The result is a game that is as engaging as it is innovative.

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The Storyline: A Journey Through Different Realities

Remnant 2 Game Review

In Remnant 2, you play as a nameless survivor in a post-apocalyptic Earth. An evil race of trees called The Root is trying to take over the multiverse.

This premise sets the stage for you to teleport to different realities, engage in exciting looter-shooter action, and save the day.

The Combat: A Dance of Shooting and Dodging

Remnant 2 Game Review

The combat in Remnant 2 is a thrilling experience. Each new area presents a dramatic dance of shooting, dodging, and using abilities wisely.

The game starts with a simple toolbox of weapons and skills, but quickly expands into a treasure trove of weapons, armor, customizable character classes, and mods.

Remnant 2 Game Review The Worlds: A Multiverse of Adventure

Remnant 2 Game Review

One of the highlights of this Remnant 2 game review is the different worlds in the multiverse. Each world has its own distinct feel and new enemies to battle.

The worlds are so different that transitioning between them feels like starting a new game. This diversity keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.

The Boss Fights: Tests of Skill and Strategy

Remnant 2’s boss fights are one of its main strengths. The developers have listened to feedback from the first game and improved the boss fights significantly. Most of the fights are challenging tests of your skill and your character’s build, with plenty of interesting mechanics.

The Buildcrafting: A Treasure Trove of Options

To stay ahead of the powerful enemies and boss fights in Remnant 2, you’ll need to spend a lot of time optimizing your build.

The game offers a ton of weapons, rings, amulets, and armor to round out your build. There are also many ways to modify and upgrade your equipment to your liking.

Remnant 2 Game Review Verdict: A Triumphant Sequel

In summary of our Remnant 2 game review, we find that it is a triumphant sequel that reimagines the soulslike genre as a co-op looter-shooter.

With engrossing combat, challenging boss fights, dense build crafting options, and cool procedurally generated levels, it’s likely to become one of the most-played games this year. It’s a gem that every gamer should experience.

Remnant 2 Game Review: A New Chapter in Gaming