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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

28th of July 2023



UFO Inquiry: Congress Determined to Uncover the Truth

The recent UFO Inquiry led by former Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves has sparked confidence that lawmakers will continue their quest for transparency on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

This follows a congressional hearing where Graves, along with two other witnesses, shared their encounters with UAP.

The UFO Inquiry has become a bipartisan effort, with both sides of Congress demanding more transparency from the U.S. government.

The UFO Inquiry: A National Security Concern

All three witnesses at the UFO Inquiry hearing emphasized that unexplainable aircraft could pose a potential national security threat.

Graves stressed the need for safer channels for both public and private sector witnesses to report UAP encounters.

This UFO Inquiry is not just about satisfying curiosity, but also about ensuring national security.

UFO Inquiry

In response to the UFO Inquiry, the Pentagon established the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) to investigate UAP reports.

As of May, the office was reviewing nearly 800 reported encounters, although only a small number have been unexplainable.

The Department of Defense (DoD) has assured that they have a safe and secure process for individuals to report any information on UAP.

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A Disconnect Between Witnesses and the Pentagon

During the UFO Inquiry, Graves testified that only about 5 percent of all UAP sightings are reported to the AARO.

He expressed that there is a lack of trust between witnesses and the Pentagon, and criticized the DoD’s statement after the hearing as “misleading.” Graves believes that the Pentagon’s dismissal of witness testimonies discourages others from coming forward.

UFO Inquiry

One of the key suggestions from the UFO Inquiry is the need for the Pentagon to declassify videos and data on UAP reports.

This would make the information available to the public and scientific researchers. Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has proposed bipartisan legislation to make government records related to UAP and UFOs available to the public.

Graves is confident in Congress’ commitment to the UFO Inquiry. He believes that their interest in the topic is key to solving the mystery of UAP. Graves was surprised by how engaged Members of Congress and staff were on this issue, expressing that they genuinely want answers.

UFO Inquiry: Congress Determined to Uncover the Truth