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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

29th of May 2023



Addigy Introduces MDM Watchdog Utility to Fix Apple Devices Stuck on OSUpdateScan

Apple device management firm Addigy launched the MDM Watchdog Utility. A powerful solution designed to resolve the problem of Apple devices getting stuck on OSUpdateScan.

This innovative tool ensures that software patches are automatically installed on managed devices, enabling a seamless update process.

Addigy’s MDM Watchdog Utility acts as a monitoring mechanism for the MDM framework on Apple devices.

By continuously assessing the health and communication status of devices, it identifies instances where software patches.

Specifically Apple’s Rapid Security Response (RSR) updates have not been properly installed. This helps prevent a significant vulnerability for macOS devices in enterprise environments.

The failure to properly install RSR updates poses a major security risk to macOS devices. Apple’s RSR strategy is designed to rapidly deploy security updates across its platforms, ensuring timely protection against emerging threats.

However, if managed Macs do not successfully implement these updates. They remain in a “stuck state” where the necessary patches are not applied.

Addigy’s research suggests that up to 25% of macOS devices in managed environments could be affected by this issue.

IT departments face the challenge of identifying which devices have not received the required updates. As there is currently no automated method for tracking this information.

Consequently, other Mobile Device Management (MDM) functions may also be disrupted.

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Addressing the Issue of Stuck Updates: The MDM Watchdog Utility

MDM Watchdog Utility

To overcome these obstacles, Addigy’s MDM Watchdog Utility actively monitors devices, checking their health status and communication with the MDM framework.

In cases where the update implementation condition is not met, the utility triggers automatic remediation, ensuring that the necessary RSR updates are installed promptly.

This critical tool offers peace of mind for enterprise IT administrators, allowing them to maintain a secure macOS fleet and facilitating future updates.

While Addigy’s MDM Watchdog Utility offers an immediate fix for the stuck update issue. It is anticipated that Apple will also address this problem at the platform level.

Collaborating with device management vendors, Apple may enhance the reliability of the update process by making improvements to the OSUpdateScan APIs.

In the meantime, IT staff managing fleets of Macs are advised to take advantage of Addigy’s solution. They should ensure that all devices have successfully received the required updates, leveraging the MDM Watchdog Utility to maintain a robust security posture across their macOS environment.

Addigy plans to extend the utility’s availability beyond its own client base, making it accessible for Macs using other MDM services in the future.

Addigy Introduces MDM Watchdog Utility to Fix Apple Devices Stuck on OSUpdateScan