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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

18th of July 2023



Canada’s New Visa Program: A Beacon for Global Digital Workers

In a strategic move to attract global tech talent, Canada has launched Canada’s new visa program for digital workers. The initiative is primarily aimed at H-1B specialty occupation visa holders in the U.S., inviting them to apply for a special work permit.

This move is part of Canada’s new visa program, aiming to make the country a preferred destination for digital nomads.

The Benefits of Program

Starting from July 16, qualifying remote tech employees will receive an initial visa to stay and work in Canada for six months under Canada’s new visa program.

They can also bring immediate family members, who will be eligible for study or work permit opportunities.

If these tech workers receive a job offer from a Canadian company before their visa expires, they can extend it. This is a key feature of Canada’s new visa program, designed to provide flexibility and opportunities for tech workers.

Canada's New Visa Program

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, stated that this initiative is part of Canada’s first-ever immigration Tech Talent Strategy. The goal is to attract newcomers that can help establish Canada as a world leader in various emerging technologies.

While the program is largely aimed at Americans, tech workers from around the world are encouraged to apply under Canada’s new program, reflecting the country’s inclusive approach.

The Scope and Limitations of Canada’s New Visa Program

Canada plans to offer this special visa for one year or until it receives 10,000 applications. Family members accompanying the applicants will not count towards this limit.

This approach is part of Canada’s strategy to attract tech talent through its new program, balancing the need for skilled workers with the practicalities of immigration management.

Canada's New Visa Program

Canada is not alone in seeking to attract remote workers to boost its economy. Many states and countries offer cash incentives and other benefits to digital nomads willing to relocate.

For instance, Vermont offered grants of up to $10,000 to remote workers moving from out of state in 2019. This trend underscores the global recognition of the value of digital workers, as seen in initiatives like Canada’s new visa program.

As Canada’s new visa program unfolds, it will be interesting to see its impact on the country’s tech industry and economy. Will it succeed in attracting the desired tech talent?

How will it shape the future of work in Canada? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: Canada’s new visa program is a bold step towards embracing the digital future.

Canada’s New Visa Program: A Beacon for Global Digital Workers