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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

22 Jul 2023


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Foreign Interference Charges in Canada: Retired Cop Accused of Aiding China

In a surprising development, a retired police officer in Canada, William Majcher, has arrest and is facing foreign interference charges in Canada.

The 60-year-old is accused of using his knowledge and extensive network of contacts in Canada. To obtain intelligence or services that would benefit China. This case marks a rare instance of such charges being brought against a former law enforcement officer.

Details of the Foreign Interference Charges in Canada

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Majcher allegedly assisted the Chinese government’s efforts to identify and intimidate an individual beyond the scope of Canadian law.

These allegations form the basis of the foreign interference charges in Canada that Majcher is now facing. If proven, these charges could have serious implications for Majcher and potentially strain Canada-China relations.

Foreign Interference Charges in Canada

Majcher is the head of EMIDR, a cybersecurity company based in Hong Kong. His biography reveals a long and illustrious career in law enforcement, including work as a money-laundering expert.

He infiltrated a major Colombian cocaine cartel and exposed Caribbean-based banks established by the Russian mafia for criminal activities. However, the current foreign interference charges in Canada cast a shadow over his past achievements.

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Majcher is facing two charges under the Security of Information Act: “preparatory acts for the benefit of a foreign entity” and also conspiracy. He appeared in a Quebec court via video conference.

Majcher retired from the RCMP in 2007. And the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team launched an investigation into his activities in 2021.

The foreign interference charges in Canada that Majcher is facing are serious and could result in significant penalties. If he is found guilty.

The foreign interference charges in Canada against Majcher come amidst broader allegations that China attempted to meddle in Canadian affairs. And developed a sophisticated election interference network across the country.

Foreign Interference Charges in Canada

Opposition leaders have been pushing for a public inquiry into China’s alleged attempts to influence the results of two federal elections.

Also these allegations have caused political turmoil and raised questions about the integrity of Canada’s electoral process.

The official appoint by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to investigate the allegations initially said no public inquiry needed.

But resigned soon after following allegations of bias. Also federal parties are currently negotiating whether to call a public inquiry.

The outcome of this case and the broader investigation into foreign interference charges in Canada could have significant implications for the country’s relationship with China and its approach to national security.

Foreign Interference Charges in Canada: Retired Cop Accused of Aiding China