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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

9 Jun 2023


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GM’s Electric Vehicles to Gain Access to Tesla’s Charging Network

General Motors (GM) has announced a partnership with Tesla that will enable GM’s electric vehicles to utilize a significant portion of Tesla’s expansive charging network, starting early next year.

Additionally, GM plans to adopt Tesla’s connector, which serves as the plug connecting an electric vehicle to a charging station.

This move aligns GM with Ford, as both automakers are striving to make Tesla’s connector the standard across the industry.

The announcement was made during a Twitter Spaces conversation between GM CEO Mary Barra and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

By joining forces with Tesla, GM follows in Ford’s footsteps, allowing GM’s electric vehicles to access approximately 12,000 of Tesla’s roughly 17,000 charging stations. Both automakers are working towards making Tesla’s connector the industry standard.

Initially, GM and Ford electric vehicle owners will require an adapter to connect to Tesla’s stations, which utilize a unique connector.

However, GM and Ford intend to transition to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard connector by 2025.

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Tesla’s Extensive Charging Network

GMS Electric Vehicles

Tesla’s Supercharger network boasts around 17,000 stations in the United States, making it the largest charging network in the country.

In comparison, the Department of Energy estimates there are approximately 54,000 public charging stations in the U.S., with many offering slower charging speeds than Tesla’s stations.

GM CEO Mary Barra sees this collaboration as an opportunity to expand access to charging infrastructure. Both GM and Ford hope that the rest of the industry will adopt Tesla’s charging connector.

Which differs from the standard connector used by most other electric vehicles. Barra expressed her desire for a unified approach to charging across the industry.

Equal Support for GM’s Electric Vehicles and Tesla

GM's Electric Vehicles

During the conversation, Elon Musk assured that both GM and Tesla vehicles would receive equal support at charging stations.

He emphasized the importance of advancing the electric vehicle revolution and creating a level playing field for all electric vehicles.

General Motors has entered into an agreement with Tesla, allowing GM’s electric vehicles to access Tesla’s extensive charging network.

GM’s adoption of Tesla’s connector, along with Ford’s similar move, demonstrates a push towards a unified industry standard.

By leveraging Tesla’s charging infrastructure, GM aims to expand access to charging and promote the advancement of the electric vehicle revolution.

This collaboration highlights the collective efforts of automakers to drive the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and enhance the charging experience for all electric vehicle owners.

GM’s Electric Vehicles to Gain Access to Tesla’s Charging Network