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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

7th of August 2023



US Navy’s Decisive Action Against Russian and Chinese Naval Presence Highlights US Navy Response Near Alaska

Last week, a notable naval presence was observed off the coast of Alaska, with Russian and Chinese naval patrols operating in the vicinity. This maneuver, perceived by many as a display of strength, elicited a swift US Navy response near Alaska. While the foreign vessels did not pose any direct threat to the US or Canada. The US military’s reaction was both timely and assertive.

NORTHCOM and NORAD’s US Navy Response

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and NORTHCOM were quick to act. They deployed aircraft and ships, showcasing the US Navy response near Alaska.

Ensuring that the Russian and Chinese patrol was closely monitored. Also these foreign vessels, during their operation, strictly adhered to international waters.

US Navy Response Near Alaska

Alaska’s Republican Senators, Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski, shed light on the situation. They reported that 11 Russian and Chinese vessels were in operation near the Aleutian Islands.

The US Navy response near Alaska was to dispatch four Navy destroyers to the region. Also continuous communication was maintained with the Alaska Command, and the senators were briefed in detail about these foreign vessels’ activities.

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China and Russia’s Patrol and Response

Liu Pengyu, the Chinese Embassy spokesperson, clarified the joint maritime patrols’ intent. As part of the annual cooperation plan between China and Russia, these naval vessels conducted patrols in the western and northern Pacific Ocean.

Liu stressed that these actions weren’t directed at any third party and were unrelated to the prevailing global and regional situations.

Recalling an incident from the previous summer, Senator Sullivan mentioned the proximity of Chinese and Russian vessels to Alaska. A US Coast Guard ship on a routine patrol had encountered them.

US Navy Response Near Alaska

Labeling the past response as “tepid,” Sullivan had since then urged senior military leaders to ensure a more robust US Navy response near Alaska if such situations arose again.

Post Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the defense and economic partnership between Russia and China has amplified.

A US intelligence report from July underscored this growing alliance. Also both countries have reiterated their commitment to bolstering their military ties.

In summary, the US Navy response near Alaska to the presence of foreign naval vessels underscores the military’s dedication to protecting national interests. The evolving defense dynamics between Russia and China will be pivotal to observe in the forthcoming months.

US Navy’s Decisive Action Against Russian and Chinese Naval Presence Highlights US Navy Response Near Alaska