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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

Updated On 24th of November 2023.



How to Breed Strombonin in My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters is a delightful game with adorable critters that make music. Each monster’s melody makes a harmonious orchestra. Strombonins are rare and unusual among these lovely species. This post will provide you with a detailed, step-by-step process on how to breed Strombonin, enhancing your gaming experience and helping you master the art of monster breeding.

What is My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed Strombonin

My Singing Monsters is a one-of-a-kind mobile game that transports players to a world full of lovely and musical monsters.

When united, each monster, including the rare Strombonin, contributes its own distinct musical note, resulting in a lovely symphony.

The game enables players to breed, grow, and curate their collection of adorable monsters, each of which adds a new layer to their island’s musical landscape.

How to Play My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed Strombonin

In My Singing creatures, you must populate your island with various musical creatures, each of which contributes to the island’s distinctive symphony. The heart of the game lies in breeding different types of monsters, like learning how to breed Strombonin, to create new, unique creatures.

Your monsters level up as you feed and care for them, improving their musical contributions and the overall harmony of your island.

Understanding Strombonin

How to Breed Strombonin

Before we delve into how to breed Strombonin, it’s essential to understand what this creature is. The Strombonin is a mythological class monster, a one-of-a-kind creature that sticks out even among the game’s various monsters.

Characteristics of Strombonin

How to Breed Strombonin

The Strombonin is an enthralling beast. While it has the appearance of a fire monster, it defies expectations by living on floating ice in the frigid waters of Cold Island.

The Strombonin is a creature of contrast because of its peculiar habitat, representing both the heat of fire and the chill of ice.

Surprisingly, the Strombonin is generally found with a rare snail known as the Strombone. The Strombonin’s symbiotic relationship adds another element of intrigue, making it a monster that players want to produce.

How to Breed a Strombonin

Now that we have a better understanding of the Strombonin, let’s delve into the main topic: how to breed Strombonin. The process varies depending on the island you’re playing on – Cold Island or Mythical Island.

Breeding Strombonin on Cold Island

How to Breed Strombonin

A unique combination of monsters is required to breed a Strombonin on Cold Island. The steps are as follows:

  • Select a Spunge and a Bowgart to breed. These are triple-element monsters, and their combination can produce a variety of results.
  • If these Pokémon are available at the time of breeding, the result might be a Spunge, a Bowgart, a Rare Potbelly, or a Rare Toe Jammer.
  • You might get a Strombonin if you’re lucky and patient. Remember that the procedure is somewhat random, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t acquire a Strombonin on your first try.

Breeding Strombonin on Mythical Island

Breeding a Strombonin on Mythical Island involves a different process. Here are the steps:

  • To begin, you must transport your Strombonin from Cold Island to Mythical Island. Feed your Strombonin until it reaches level 15 on the Cold Island to do this. This technique takes time and resources, but it is required in order to breed a Strombonin on the Mythical Island.
  • Once on the mythological Island, breed your Strombonin with Cataliszt, another mythological creature. This combination has the potential to produce another Cataliszt or Strombonin. Again, the outcome is dependent on chance, so keep trying until you achieve the desired result.

How to Breed a Rare Strombonin

Just like other monsters, the Strombonin has a unique Rare variant. This variant features a different design and is considered a prized possession among players. Here’s how to breed a Rare Strombonin:

Breeding a Rare Strombonin on Cold Island

The process of breeding a Rare Strombonin on Cold Island is similar to that of the regular Strombonin. Here are the steps:

  • Spunge and Bowgart continue to be the breeding pair.
  • To obtain a Rare Strombonin, however, it must be accessible at the shop during the breeding procedure. This offer is only available for a limited time, so keep an eye on the shop and take advantage of it when it comes up.

Breeding a Rare Strombonin on Mythical Island

Breeding a Rare Strombonin on Mythical Island also follows a similar process to that of the regular Strombonin. Here are the steps:

  • The same combination is used in the breeding process: Strombonin and Cataliszt.
  • A Rare character must be available at the shop during the breeding procedure in order to be obtained. As with the Cold Island, the Rare Strombonin’s availability in the shop is time-limited, so keep an eye on it.

Here’s a simple table summarizing the breeding process:

IslandRegular Strombonin Breeding CombinationRare Strombonin Requirement
Cold IslandSpunge and BowgartAvailable at the shop during breeding
Mythical IslandStrombonin and CatalisztAvailable at the shop during breeding

What Are the Chances to Breed Strombonin

Breeding Strombonin, which is an exotic species is quite a process, with varying success rates. The likelihood of breeding depends on factors such as the genetic compatibility of the parent Strombonins, their overall health and the environmental conditions.

Generally the probability falls somewhere between to low due, to the breeding needs of Strombonins. While expert advice and controlled environments can slightly improve these chances there’s always an element of unpredictability when it comes to breeding success.

Why Can’t I Breed Strombonin

Breeding Strombonin can pose challenges due, to a few factors. First and foremost their distinctive genetic composition necessitates pairing, making it challenging to find breeding partners. Moreover Strombonins require an environment that precisely replicates their habitat in order to successfully reproduce.

This involves ensuring the right temperature, humidity and dietary conditions are met. Furthermore their rarity results in availability of breeding knowledge and resources adding another layer of complexity, for both enthusiasts and professionals involved in the breeding process.

What Is the Best Way to Breed Strombonin

To successfully breed Strombonin it is essential to take an approach. Begin by ensuring that the breeding pair is genetically compatible as this greatly influences the success of mating. It is crucial to create an environment that closely mimics their habitat taking into account factors, like temperature, humidity and providing them with nutrition.

Regular health check ups are also important to keep them in health. Seeking advice, from experts who specialize in Strombonin breeding can offer insights. Enhance the chances of achieving successful breeding outcomes.

Final Thought

Breeding Strombonins or Rare Strombonins in My Singing Monsters is fun and adds to the game. It takes time and luck. Once you achieve, your character will sing praises to your breeding talents.

Now that you know how to breed Strombonin, it’s time to try it out. Remember, breeding in My Singing Monsters involves a bit of luck. So light lots of torches and hope for the best. In My Singing Monsters, discovering new monsters is fun, and breeding a character will be gratifying.

Youtube Video About How To Breed Strombonin


How long does it take to breed a Strombonin?

A Strombonin’s breeding time varies and can take many hours. The exact time depends on a number of things, including the level of your monsters and the amount of Wishing Torches lighted on your island.

Can I breed a Strombonin on any island?

Strombonin, on the other hand, can only be bred on Cold and Mythical Islands. It is vital to note that the breeding process and conditions on these two islands differ.

What are the chances of successfully breeding a Strombonin?

The game’s developers do not provide the exact likelihood of successfully breeding. However, it is understood that success is not guaranteed, and the process may need to be repeated several times. Lighting Wishing Torches can improve your chances of having a successful breeding.

What’s the difference between a regular Strombonin and a Rare Strombonin?

A Rare Strombonin is a subtype of the normal Strombonin. It has a unique design and is a coveted possession among gamers. A Rare breeding method is similar to that of a regular Strombonin, however the Rare must be accessible in the shop during the breeding process.

Can I speed up the breeding process of a Strombonin?

Yes, you can speed up the breeding process by using diamonds, My Singing Monsters’ premium money. However, because diamonds can be used for other vital purposes in the game, it is critical to use them properly.

How to Breed Strombonin in My Singing Monsters