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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

24th of July 2023



Rhodes Wildfire: Holidaymakers Escape Massive Inferno

On a sunny Sunday, the Greek island of Rhodes, a hotspot for tourists, turned into a scene of chaos and panic. Thousands of holidaymakers and locals had to abandon their homes and hotels due to a rapidly spreading wildfire.

The Greek government described this as the largest emergency evacuation in the country’s history, now known as the Rhodes Wildfire Evacuation.

The Great Escape from Rhodes Wildfire

The Rhodes Wildfire Evacuation was a test of endurance and survival for many. People had to spend the night in the open, on beaches and streets, as the fire that had been burning since Wednesday intensified.

The wildfire, fueled by scorching heat, tore through forests and reached the coastal resorts on the southeastern coast of the island.

Some tourists had to walk miles in the heat to reach safety zones, leaving behind a landscape of blackened trees and charred animals.

Rhodes Wildfire

Rhodes Wildfire Evacuation caused major travel disruptions. Rhodes, a favorite destination for British tourists, saw major travel disruptions. Major tour operators like Jet2, TUI, and Correndon had to cancel flights to Rhodes.

The island, known for its beautiful beaches and historic sites, was now a scene of disaster. British tourist Chris Freestone described his ordeal of walking 12 miles in the heat to reach safety as part of the Rhodes Wildfire Evacuation.

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Climate Change and Wildfires

Wildfires are not uncommon in Greece, but the increasing intensity and frequency of heatwaves, attributed to climate change, have made the situation worse. The past week saw temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of Greece.

Emergency services had to deal with fires not only on Rhodes. But also on the islands of Evia and Corfu, and in Aigio, southwest of Athens. The Rhodes Wildfire Evacuation is a stark reminder of the devastating impacts of climate change.

Rhodes Wildfire

The aftermath of the Rhodes Wildfire Evacuation is still being felt. The wildfires on Rhodes affected 10% of the hotels in the central and southeastern parts of the island.

Coastguard vessels and private boats evacuated more than 3,000 tourists from the beaches. The local residents showed immense generosity. Providing food and water to the tourists and helping women and children reach safety first.

The Rhodes Wildfire Evacuation has been a massive operation. Highlighting the increasing threat of climate change and the need for better disaster management strategies. It’s a wake-up call for all of us to take climate change seriously. And prepare for such emergencies in the future.

Rhodes Wildfire: Holidaymakers Escape Massive Inferno