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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

2nd of July 2023



Nevada Minimum Wage Increase Expected to Have Limited Impact on Workers and Employers

Nevada minimum wage increase by another dollar on July 1. However, both workers and employers have differing expectations regarding the impact of the higher wages.

Workers, burdened by high costs of living and inflation, do not anticipate significant relief. While employers, who have adjusted to previous increases, believe the wage hike will have minimal effects.

For many low-wage workers, the increased minimum wage does not provide much relief due to high living expenses. Rising housing costs, specifically rent, pose a significant challenge.

Nevada Minimum Wage Increase

An average one-bedroom apartment in Las Vegas costs around $1300 per month. Making it difficult for workers earning minimum wage to afford even basic necessities. The wage increase is not sufficient to cover their expenses, leaving many workers struggling to make ends meet.

Business owners and employers have been able to anticipate and adjust to the annual wage increases. However, market dynamics influenced by the pandemic have created a power imbalance favoring workers. Resulting in higher wages and better benefits.

As a result, the minimum wage increase may not apply to a significant number of workers in Nevada. Many businesses in Las Vegas already pay wages above the minimum, ranging from $15 to $20 per hour, in order to attract and retain employees.

Future Considerations of Nevada Minimum Wage Increase

While small business owners do not anticipate immediate negative impacts from the Nevada minimum wage increase, potential cost-of-living adjustments in the future could cause financial strain.

With the possibility of further increases in the minimum wage, businesses may face challenges such as reduced hiring, increased prices, fewer work hours, or difficulties in employing teenage workers. Ongoing adjustments to the minimum wage could impact business operations and profitability.

Nevada Minimum Wage Increase

The upcoming Nevada minimum wage increase is not expected to have a significant impact on workers’ financial burdens, as high living expenses persist.

Employers, having already adjusted to previous wage increases, do not anticipate major disruptions. However, potential future adjustments to the minimum wage could pose challenges for small businesses, requiring careful consideration of their impact on operations and the labor market.

Nevada Minimum Wage Increase Expected to Have Limited Impact on Workers and Employers