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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

24th of July 2023



The Rise of the Electric Pontoon Boat

In the world of boating, one innovation has been making waves – the electric pontoon boat. This environmentally friendly alternative to traditional watercraft is altering the way we think about leisurely lake vacations and tranquil river cruises.

As we grow more aware of our environmental impact, a shift towards more sustainable solutions is unavoidable. The pontoon boat, which combines fun and responsibility, is a prime example of this change.

What is a Pontoon Boat?

Electric Pontoon Boat

Before we delve into the specifics of the electric pontoon boat, let’s first understand what a pontoon boat is. A pontoon boat is a flattish boat that floats on pontoons.

These pontoons, also known as tubes, have a lot of reserve buoyancy and allow designers to develop large deck layouts with all kinds of amenities including expansive lounge areas and stand-up bars.

A pontoon boat’s construction makes it exceptionally stable, even in rough seas. Because of their stability and big open spaces, they are great for social boating.

They are frequently spotted in rental fleets and are frequently used for gatherings. Their design, however, limits their speed and agility, making them unsuitable for high-speed sailing.

Benefits of the Electric Pontoon Boat

The electric pontoon boat offers several advantages over its traditional counterparts. These benefits range from environmental to operational, and even extend to cost-related aspects. Let’s delve deeper into these advantages:


Electric Pontoon Boat

One of the most significant advantages of an electric pontoon boat is its environmental friendliness. Traditional petrol or diesel-powered boats send toxic pollutants into the atmosphere, leading to air pollution and climate change.

Electric pontoon boats, on the other hand, emit no emissions, making them a considerably greener option. By purchasing an pontoon boat, you are not only having fun on the water but also helping to conserve our world.

Quiet Operation

Electric Pontoon Boat

Another advantage of the electric pontoon boat is its quiet operation. The buzz of a petrol engine can frequently disturb the tranquil atmosphere of a day on the lake.

Electric engines, on the other hand, are nearly silent, allowing you to glide through the water without disturbing the peace. This silent operation improves the boating experience by making journeys more enjoyable and restful.

Low Maintenance Of Electric Pontoon Boat

Electric Pontoon Boat

When it comes to boat ownership, maintenance is an important consideration. Traditional boats with combustion engines have several moving parts that necessitate routine maintenance and servicing.

With its electric engine, the pontoon boat has fewer moving components, which reduces the chance of mechanical problems.

This reduced maintenance requirement not only saves time and effort, but it can also result in significant long-term cost benefits.


While the initial cost of an electric pontoon boat might be higher than a traditional boat, the operational costs are significantly lower.

Electricity is less expensive than petrol, and charging an electric boat costs significantly less than filling a petrol tank. Electric boats are also less expensive to maintain, making them more cost-effective over time.

Smooth Operation

Electric motors operate smoothly and quickly. Electric motors offer maximum torque quickly, unlike combustion engines, which must build up power. This means that an pontoon boat can be up and running quickly and offers a smooth, responsive ride.

Considerations When Choosing an Electric Pontoon Boat

While the electric pontoon boat offers numerous benefits, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Range of Electric Pontoon Boat

Electric Pontoon Boat

Due to battery limits, pontoon boats often have a lesser range than their gas-powered counterparts. However, for most recreational pursuits, this range is more than adequate. Plus, as battery technology improves, we can expect the range of electric pontoon boats to increase.

Charging Infrastructure

Electric Pontoon Boat

Access to charging stations might be a barrier, especially in distant places. Many marinas, however, are beginning to incorporate electric boat chargers, making it easier to keep your boat charged. Some pontoon boats may also be charged using a conventional electrical socket, giving you even more options.

Electric Pontoon Boat Models

There are several models of electric pontoon boats available on the market, each with its unique features and specifications. These boats provide a variety of comforts and capacities to meet a wide range of demands and tastes. Here are some examples of popular models:

Crest Current

The Crest Current is a superior electric pontoon boat that comes well equipped with all the signature features.

It has an armrest captain’s chair, an L-shaped sunpad, a roll-out bimini top, USB connections, and a wireless phone charger. The boat also has quality netting, matching interior options, and a large fibreglass helm built for driver comfort.

LED lighting throughout contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal. The Crest Current is propelled by an ePropulsion Navy 3.0 Evo motor and an E175 battery, which delivers efficient and clean power.

Brio Electric Series by Princecraft

The Brio Electric Series from Princecraft is developed primarily for small waterway enthusiasts and environmentally aware persons. These boats are ideal for individuals who want to spice up their days on the water.

The Brio Electric Series offers more engine choices and is ultra-light, making it a great option for those seeking a lightweight electric pontoon boat.

Pure Pontoon Boat by Pure Watercraft

The Pure Pontoon boat, developed in conjunction with General Motors, provides clean, quiet, and powerful electric propulsion.

The boat is intended for individuals looking for a high-end, luxurious pontoon boat experience. The single outboard model starts at $75,000 and goes up from there.

Coach and Xcursion Models by CMG

These models are powered by the big Hercules 200kW motor, providing plenty of power to pull water skiers or wakeboarders. These electric pontoon boats are a popular option for those seeking a powerful and high-performance electric boat.

Comparison Table of The Models

ModelManufacturerKey FeaturesStarting Price
Crest CurrentCrestePropulsion Navy 3.0 Evo motor, E175 battery, LED lighting, wireless phone chargerPrice not listed
Brio Electric SeriesPrincecraftDesigned for small waterways, ultra-light, multiple engine choicesPrice not listed
Pure Pontoon BoatPure WatercraftCollaboration with General Motors, luxury design$75,000
Coach and Xcursion ModelsCMGPowered by Hercules 200kW motor, high-performancePrice not listed

Final Thought

The electric pontoon boat is a game-changer in the boating industry. It’s a wonderful choice for anyone wishing to enjoy the water in a more sustainable way, thanks to its eco-friendly operation, quiet motor, and low maintenance requirements.

We can only expect these boats to become more popular in the future as battery technology improves. Whether you’re an experienced boater or a first-timer, the pontoon boat provides a unique and satisfying boating experience.

Youtube Video About Electric Pontoon Boat


How long does the battery of an electric pontoon boat last?

The battery life of an pontoon boat might vary based on type and usage. On average, you can get 6 to 10 hours of use off of a single charge. This can be significantly reduced if the boat is utilised at maximum speed continuously.

How long does it take to charge an electric pontoon boat?

Charging periods can vary depending on the type of charger used and the battery capacity. It can take anything from 6 to 12 hours to fully charge the battery using a normal charger. Some boats may have fast-charging options that can cut this time in half.

Can an pontoon boat be used for water sports like water skiing?

Yes, certain pontoon boat models are powerful enough for water sports. However, it is critical to examine the boat’s specifications to ensure that it has enough power for your intended application.

What is the top speed of an electric pontoon boat?

The top speed of an pontoon boat varies based on the model and motor output. Pontoon boats can attain speeds of 10 to 20 mph on average.

Are they more expensive than traditional pontoon boats?

Because of the expense of the electric engine and battery, pontoon boats can be more expensive up front. However, they may be less expensive to run and maintain in the long run, which may balance the initial investment.

The Rise of the Electric Pontoon Boat