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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

27th of July 2023



Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

When it comes to ceiling fans, one brand stands out from the rest: Westinghouse Ceiling Fans. Known for their quality, durability, and variety, For many years, Westinghouse has been a well-known brand in the business.

This essay will cover all you need to know about these great fans, from their history to the various types available, as well as how to choose the best one for your home.

History of Westinghouse

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse has been a household name for more than a century, with a rich history dating back to the late 1800s. George Westinghouse founded the corporation, which began with electric infrastructure, including the creation of the alternating current electrical system, which is being used today.

They soon expanded its product portfolio to include home appliances, like ceiling fans, over the years. Their ceiling fans are now known around the world for their quality and ingenuity.

Why Choose Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse is preferred by both homeowners and interior designers for a variety of reasons. For starters, they have a vast choice of designs available, from contemporary to vintage, guaranteeing that there is a fan for every decor taste.

However, aesthetics isn’t the only reason to go with Westinghouse. Their ceiling fans are well-known for their high-quality manufacturing, energy-efficiency, and superior airflow.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans also offer models suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing versatility for every need. Furthermore, Westinghouse fans are designed with the user in mind, featuring easy installation and quiet operation.

Types of Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse offers a diverse range of ceiling fans to suit every style and need. Each model is designed with a unique set of features to enhance comfort and convenience. Here are a few notable Westinghouse Ceiling Fans:

Techno II 72-Inch Indoor DC Motor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Because of its 72-inch size, the Techno II is a modern and elegant ceiling fan that is ideal for bigger areas. It has a titanium finish that lends a touch of class to any space.

The titanium ABS blades of the fan are engineered for efficient air flow, keeping your room cool and comfortable.

The Techno II’s opal frosted glass light kit is one of its most notable characteristics. This not only adds to the fan’s visual appeal but also provides enough lighting.

The fan comes with a remote control for added convenience, allowing you to alter the fan speed and light settings from anywhere in the room.

Bolton 52-Inch Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

The Bolton is a versatile and fashionable ceiling fan that will look great in any environment. Its brushed aluminium finish gives it a contemporary appearance, and the five blades assure excellent air circulation.

The Bolton has a two-light opal frosted glass fixture that provides soft, ambient lighting that elevates the ambience of your space. The Bolton, like the Techno II, comes with a remote control for ease of use.

Alloy LED 52-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Alloy LED demonstrates Westinghouse’s dedication to innovation and energy efficiency. This 52-inch fan has a gun metal finish and will look excellent in any modern space.

The reversible black/applewood blades of the fan allow you to modify the style of the fan to match your decor. The Alloy LED has an opal frosted glass light fixture, but it also has LED illumination for energy economy.

ModelSizeFinishBladesLight Fixture
Techno II72-InchTitaniumTitanium ABSOpal Frosted Glass
Bolton52-InchBrushed AluminumFive-BladeTwo-Light Opal Frosted Glass
Alloy LED52-InchGun MetalReversible Black/ApplewoodOpal Frosted Glass

How to Choose the Right Westinghouse Ceiling Fan

Choosing the Westinghouse Fans depends on several factors such as the size of your room, the height of your ceiling, and your personal style.

Westinghouse fans are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from compact 24-inch fans ideal for smaller rooms to enormous 72-inch fans built for big regions.

The fan’s finish and style should complement the decor of your room. Westinghouse provides a range of finishes, including brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and matte black.

Installation Guide for Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Installing a Westinghouse Fan is a simple task. Each fan includes a comprehensive instruction manual. If you are not familiar with electrical work, it is preferable to engage an expert.

To guarantee safety, always remember to cut off the electricity at the main fuse box before beginning the installation.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips

It is critical to keep your Westinghouse Fan in good working order. Dust the blades on a regular basis and make sure the fan is balanced to avoid wobbling.

If you run into any problems, consult the troubleshooting section of the instruction manual or contact Westinghouse customer service.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Light Kit

A standout feature of many Westinghouse Ceiling Fans is their integrated light kits. These light kits not only provide adequate lighting for your space, but they also enhance the visual attractiveness of the fans.

They are available in a number of forms, ranging from opal frosted glass to LED light fixtures, and are intended to compliment the overall look of the fans.

Dimmable lighting choices are available on some models, allowing you to create the ideal mood for your room.

Westinghouse has a range of alternatives available, whether you want a fan with a single light or many lights.

Are Westinghouse Ceiling Fans Good?

The simple answer is yes. Westinghouse Ceiling Fans are known for their quality, durability, and style. They provide a large selection of styles to fit every decor style, from modern to traditional.

Westinghouse fans, in addition to their visual appeal, are built for optimal air circulation and are energy efficient, making them an excellent choice for any household.

They are also simple to install and operate quietly. With Westinghouse, you receive more than just a ceiling fan; you get a commitment to quality and innovation.

How to Change Bulb in Westinghouse Ceiling Fan

Changing the bulb in a Westinghouse Ceiling Fans is a straightforward process. To begin, make sure the power is turned off to avoid any mishaps. Remove the light cover from your fan.

Typically, this entails unscrewing a few screws or simply turning the cover. You should be able to reach the bulb once the cover is removed.

Simply unscrew the old bulb and replace it with one that meets the specs listed in your fan’s owner’s manual.

Finally, reinstall the light cover and reconnect the electricity. To avoid bulb breaking, always handle bulbs with care.

Final Thought

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans are a fantastic addition to any home. They are hard to top when it comes to appearance, utility, and overall quality all in one package.

Westinghouse carries a variety of fans that are suitable for a variety of settings, including your living room, bedroom, or even an outdoor patio.

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How energy-efficient are Westinghouse Ceiling Fans?

Westinghouse Fans are engineered to be energy efficient. Many variants include energy-saving DC motors and LED light kits that use less power than older types.

Can Westinghouse Ceiling Fans be used outdoors?

Yes, Westinghouse has a selection of outdoor ceiling fans that are weather resistant. However, make certain that the model you select is specially rated for outdoor use.

What is the warranty on Westinghouse Ceiling Fans?

Westinghouse ceiling fans come with a limited lifetime warranty on the motor and a two-year warranty on all other parts.

How do I clean my Westinghouse Ceiling Fan?

Dust the blades on a regular basis with a soft cloth or hoover attachment. Wipe the blades down with a moist towel for a more thorough cleaning. Before cleaning, check sure the fan is switched off.

Can I install a Westinghouse Ceiling Fan by myself?

Yes, Westinghouse Ceiling Fans include comprehensive installation instructions. However, if you are unfamiliar with electrical work, it is best to engage an expert.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans