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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

23 Aug 2023


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BMW i8: Unleashing the Full Potential of Customization and Personal Expression

BMW i8 Build Your Own is a comprehensive guide that explores the customization options available for the BMW i8, with a focus on the American market. This article will discuss the steps to create your unique BMW i8 and provide a variety of resources, including links to official BMW websites and examples of customized i8 vehicles.

With the increasing popularity of personalized cars, understanding the BMW i8 Build Your Own process has become essential for those seeking to make their mark on the automotive world.

Understanding the BMW i8

BMW i8

The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car produced by the German automaker BMW. Launched in 2014, the i8 combines a stylish design with cutting-edge technology to create a high-performance, eco-friendly driving experience.

The car’s advanced features, impressive performance, and sleek aesthetics have made it a popular choice for enthusiasts and car collectors alike.

What is BMW i8 Build Your Own?

BMW i8 Build Your Own is a customization process that allows customers to create a personalized version of the i8, tailoring the car’s appearance and features to their preferences.

With a wide range of options available, this process provides a unique opportunity for car enthusiasts to create their dream BMW i8.

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How to Build Your Own BMW i8

To begin the BMW i8 Build Your Own process, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official BMW USA website and locate the Build Your Own tool.
  2. Select the i8 as your desired model.
  3. Choose the desired paint color, wheels, and other exterior features.
  4. Select the interior materials, colors, and additional features such as sound systems and navigation packages.
  5. Review your customized i8, make any necessary adjustments, and save or print the configuration for future reference or to share with a BMW dealer.

Examples of Customized BMW i8 Build Your Own Cars

Customized BMW i8 Build Your Own cars showcase the creativity and individuality of their owners. Some examples of unique BMW i8 customizations include:

  • Metallic Paint Finish. A stunning metallic paint finish can transform the i8’s appearance, with colors such as Protonic Blue and E-Copper adding a touch of flair and sophistication.
  • Custom Wheels. Upgrading to exclusive alloy wheels, such as the 20-inch Turbine-style or W-spoke design, enhances the car’s visual appeal and driving dynamics.
  • Carbon Fiber Accents. Adding carbon fiber accents, like a rear spoiler or mirror caps, gives the i8 a sportier, more aggressive look.
  • Customized Interiors. Personalizing the i8’s interior with premium materials, such as leather or Alcantara, and unique color combinations creates a luxurious and comfortable cabin experience.

YouTube Video About BMW i8 Build Your Own

For a visual guide on the BMW i8 Build Your Own process and to see some impressive customizations in action, check out this informative YouTube video:

Additional BMW i8 Build Your Own Customization Options

Beyond the standard customization options, there are several other ways to make your BMW i8 even more unique. These options allow for further personalization and enhance the car’s performance, aesthetics, and overall driving experience.

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Performance Upgrades

For those looking to improve the performance of their i8, various upgrades are available. Some popular performance-enhancing options include:

  • Suspension Upgrades: Installing sport-tuned suspension components can enhance the i8’s handling and ride quality, providing a more engaging driving experience.
  • Exhaust System Upgrades: Upgrading the exhaust system can improve the i8’s sound and performance, providing a more aggressive exhaust note and increased horsepower.
  • Engine Tuning: Custom engine tuning can optimize the i8’s power output, delivering improved acceleration and overall performance.

Advanced Technology Features

In addition to performance upgrades, the BMW i8 Build Your Own process offers a range of advanced technology features designed to enhance the driving experience. These features include:

  • Head-Up Display. This innovative system projects essential driving information onto the windshield, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road while staying informed about speed, navigation, and more.
  • Surround View Camera System. This advanced camera system provides a 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings, making parking and maneuvering in tight spaces easier and safer.
  • Wireless Smartphone Charging. With this convenient feature, drivers can keep their mobile devices charged without the need for cumbersome cords.
  • Gesture Control. This intuitive system allows drivers to control various functions, such as audio volume and navigation, with simple hand gestures.

BMW Individual Program

For those seeking the ultimate level of personalization, the BMW Individual program offers a range of exclusive customization options that go beyond the standard BMW i8 Build Your Own offerings. This program allows customers to collaborate with BMW designers to create a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle. Some examples of BMW Individual options include:

  • Exclusive Paint Colors: Choose from a range of unique paint colors not available through the standard Build Your Own process.
  • Custom Interior Trims: Personalize the i8’s interior with a variety of wood, carbon fiber, and leather trim options.
  • Bespoke Upholstery: Customize the i8’s seats with exclusive leather options and distinctive stitching patterns.

BMW i8 Build Your Own: Customization Tips and Advice

BMW i8

When embarking on the BMW i8 Build Your Own journey, it’s essential to consider a few tips and pieces of advice to ensure that you create a vehicle that truly reflects your style and needs.

By keeping these recommendations in mind, you can make the most of the customization process and create a i8 that you’ll be proud to call your own.

Define Your Priorities

Before you begin the customization process, it’s essential to identify your priorities. Are you focused on creating a striking visual appearance, or are you more interested in enhancing the car’s performance?

By clearly defining your goals, you can make informed decisions throughout the BMW Build Your Own process and ensure that your customized i8 aligns with your vision.

Set a Budget

Customizing a BMW i8 can be an exciting process, but it’s crucial to establish a budget beforehand. With so many customization options available, it’s easy to get carried away and exceed your financial limits.

By setting a budget in advance, you can make strategic choices that allow you to create a unique BMW i8 while remaining financially responsible.

Do Your Research

As you explore the various customization options for your BMW i8 Build Your Own experience, take the time to research each option thoroughly.

Understand the benefits, drawbacks, and overall impact of each customization choice on your vehicle’s performance, aesthetics, and value. This will help you make informed decisions and avoid any potential regrets later on.

Consult with Experts

If you’re unsure about specific customization options or need advice on the best way to achieve your desired result, don’t hesitate to consult with BMW experts. Reach out to your local BMW dealership or online forums to gather insights and recommendations from those with experience and knowledge in the field. They can provide valuable guidance and help you create the perfect i8 for your needs.

Consider Future Resale Value

When customizing your i8, it’s essential to consider the potential impact of your choices on the vehicle’s future resale value. While unique customization options may appeal to you personally, they might not be as attractive to potential buyers down the line.

Striking a balance between personalization and maintaining a broad appeal is essential in preserving your investment.

More Resources for BMW i8 Build Your Own Enthusiasts

BMW i8

To further enhance your BMW i8 Build Your Own experience, consider exploring these additional resources:

  • BMW i8 Owner’s Forums. Online forums dedicated to BMW i8 owners and enthusiasts can provide valuable insights, advice, and inspiration for your customization journey.
  • Car Shows and Events. Attending local car shows and events can provide an opportunity to see customized BMW i8 vehicles in person and gather ideas for your own build.
  • Automotive Publications. Automotive magazines and websites often feature customized vehicles and provide in-depth information on the latest trends and advancements in car customization.
  • Social Media. Follow i8 owners and enthusiasts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to stay up-to-date on the latest customization trends and gather inspiration for your own i8 Build Your Own project.

Final Thoughts

The BMW i8 Build Your Own process offers car enthusiasts the opportunity to create a personalized vehicle that reflects their individual taste and style. With a wealth of customization options, ranging from exterior paint finishes to high-quality interior materials, the possibilities are virtually endless.

By following the steps outlined in this guide and utilizing the official BMW resources provided, you can create a one-of-a-kind BMW i8 that is uniquely yours.


What is BMW i8 Build Your Own?

BMW i8 Build Your Own is a customization process that allows customers to personalize their i8, tailoring the car’s appearance and features to their preferences.

How do I start building my own i8?

Begin by visiting the official BMW USA website and locating the Build Your Own tool. Select the i8 as your desired model, and then choose the various customization options to create your unique vehicle.

Where can I find official resources and links for BMW i8 Build Your Own?

Official resources and links can be found on the BMW USA Build Your Own tool, the i8 Official Page, and the BMW Global Website.

What are some examples of customized BMW i8 vehicles?

Examples of customized i8 vehicles include those with metallic paint finishes, custom wheels, carbon fiber accents, and personalized interior materials and colors.

BMW i8: Unleashing the Full Potential of Customization and Personal Expression