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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

26th of July 2023



Testing Apps on Vision Pro: Apple’s New Approach for Developers

Apple is gearing up for the launch of Vision Pro next year, and they need third-party apps ready for the launch. However, most developers don’t have the headset yet. To solve this, Apple has introduced three different ways for developers to start Testing Apps on Vision Pro before it hits the market.

The Three Methods for Testing Apps on Vision Pro

Apple has laid out three methods for developers to test their apps. Developers can now sign up and start using these resources. The first method involves a beta release of Xcode with support for visionOS.

This version of Xcode includes a visionOS Simulator that presents work-in-progress visionOS apps in a virtual 3D space. This simulator is a crucial tool in Testing Apps on Vision Pro.

Testing Apps on Vision Pro

The second method involves Vision Pro developer kits. Developers can apply to receive actual Vision Pro hardware on loan. They’ll also receive assistance in setting it up, regular check-ins with Apple experts, and two code-level support requests.

However, not everyone who applies will get a developer kit. Apple will prioritize applicants creating an app that takes advantage of visionOS features and capabilities.

These developer kits are a significant advancement in the process of Testing Apps on Vision Pro.

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Apple’s Innovative Solution

The third method involves sending apps to Apple for testing. Once developers have ensured their app launches and meets basic requirements, they can submit it to Apple.

Apple will test the app on actual hardware and provide a list of issues, if any, along with relevant screenshots and logs. These compatibility evaluations are a critical part of Testing on Vision Pro.

These three methods for Testing Apps on Vision Pro represent Apple’s commitment to ensuring a smooth launch for Vision Pro.

Testing Apps on Vision Pro

As developers start to use these resources, we can expect to see a range of third-party apps ready for Vision Pro when it launches next year. The future of Testing on Vision Pro looks promising with these resources in place.

The impact of Testing Apps on Vision Pro is significant. It allows developers to ensure their apps are fully functional and optimized for the Vision Pro platform before its official launch.

This proactive approach by Apple ensures a robust ecosystem of apps ready for users at launch, enhancing the user experience and the success of Vision Pro.

Testing Apps on Vision Pro: Apple’s New Approach for Developers