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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

Updated On 29th of June 2023.



Cultivated Meat Approved for Sale in the US, Opening Doors for Sustainable Protein Alternatives

Cultivated meat, also known as lab-grown meat, has been granted approval for sale in the United States. Upside Foods and Good Meat, two companies specializing in “cultivated chicken,” announced on Wednesday.

That they have received approval from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to produce their cell-based proteins.

The production of cultivated meat involves growing meat in large vats, similar to the fermentation tanks used in breweries.

Good Meat, a subsidiary of plant-based egg substitute maker Eat Just, has already begun production following the USDA’s approval.

This recent development follows a series of prior approvals that have paved the way for the sale of cultivated meat in the US.

Good Meat and Upside had previously obtained approval for product labeling from the USDA. While Good Meat received a “no questions” letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March.

Confirming the safety of their product. Upside Foods also received a similar letter from the FDA in November.

The cultivated meat sector is being regulated by both the USDA and the FDA. The approval granted on Wednesday, known as a “grant of inspection,” is issued by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. After a thorough assessment of a firm’s food safety system.

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A More Sustainable and Humane Approach to Meat Consumption

Cultivated Meat

Good Meat, which has already been selling its products in Singapore. Promotes its cultivated meat as “meat without slaughter,” offering a more humane approach to meat consumption.

Advocates of cultivated meat believe that it can contribute to the fight against climate change by reducing the reliance on traditional animal agriculture. Which is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Good Meat has previously announced a partnership with renowned chef José Andrés. To introduce their product at a restaurant in Washington, DC.

While specific details regarding the launch timing are yet to be determined. The company is considering collaborations with other restaurants and exploring retail options as production scales up.

Upside Foods plans to debut its cultivated meat at Bar Crenn, a San Francisco restaurant. But a launch date has not disclosed.

By selling their product at Bar Crenn, Upside aims to gain insights from chefs and diners to further refine their offering.

In the future, the company intends to expand its partnerships with additional restaurants and make its products available in supermarkets.

Cultivated Meat A New Era for Sustainable Protein

Cultivated Meat

The approval of cultivated meat for sale in the US is as a significant moment for Good Meat, Upside, and the entire industry.

It signifies a step forward toward a more sustainable future. As highlighted by Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Good Meat and Eat Just.

Uma Valeti, founder and CEO of Upside, believes that this milestone will fundamentally transform the way meat reaches our tables.

To engage curious customers, Upside is currently running a contest that allows participants to be among the first in the US to try their cultivated meat product.

Cultivated Meat Approved for Sale in the US, Opening Doors for Sustainable Protein Alternatives