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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

Updated On 3rd of July 2023.



Sydney Sweeney Recalls Awkward Reactions from Family to Her Scenes in ‘Euphoria’

In a candid interview, Sydney Sweeney opens up about the different reactions her family members had when watching her scenes in the popular HBO series ‘Euphoria.’

While her mother and grandmother were prepared and supportive. Her father and grandfather had an unexpected and uncomfortable experience.

Sweeney explains that she had discussed the show’s storyline. And her role with her mother, who was aware of the explicit content. However, she had not prepared her father for the intimate scenes.

As Sweeney’s conversations with her father typically focused on their father-daughter relationship rather than work. She found it challenging to broach the topic.

Unexpectedly, her father decided to watch ‘Euphoria’ without informing her and chose to view it with his parents.

The Unwavering Support of Sydney Sweeney’s Grandmother

Sydney Sweeney

As the explicit scenes unfolded on screen, Sweeney’s father and grandfather quickly realized the nature of her role and decided to turn off the show, leaving the room.

However, her grandmother remained and continued watching, showing unwavering support for her granddaughter.

Sweeney’s grandmother has been a dedicated fan and even accompanies her to different sets. Where she often gets the opportunity to be an extra.

Sweeney, who is open to filming scenes when necessary, hopes to challenge the prevailing double standard and judgments surrounding actresses and nudity.

In a heartfelt interview, she expresses her disappointment in the industry’s tendency to celebrate male actors with scenes. While women who do the same are often degraded and not taken seriously as actresses.

Sweeney aspires to play a part in changing this perception and advocating for a more equitable. And respectful approach to actresses who choose to film scenes.

In summary, Sydney Sweeney shares the uncomfortable experience of her father and grandfather walking out of a screening of ‘Euphoria’.

When they unexpectedly encountered her scenes. While her grandmother continued to show unwavering support, her father and grandfather were unprepared for the explicit content.

Sweeney aims to challenge the double standard surrounding actresses and nudity in the film industry and hopes for a more inclusive and respectful approach to these scenes.

Sydney Sweeney Recalls Awkward Reactions from Family to Her Scenes in ‘Euphoria’