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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

2 Aug 2023


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Meta’s News Block in Canada: A Response to New Legislation

Meta has started to remove news content from Facebook and Instagram in Canada. This decision is a response to recently passed legislation in the country that requires tech companies to negotiate payments to news organizations for hosting their content.

This move is a significant part of Meta’s news block in Canada. The decision has sparked a lot of debate and discussion about the role of tech companies in disseminating news and the rights of news organizations.

Meta’s News Block in Canada: A New Development

As a result of Meta’s news block in Canada, Canadian users will no longer be able to click on links to news articles posted to Facebook and Instagram.

The changes began Tuesday and will roll out gradually over the coming weeks, according to Meta spokesperson Andy Stone.

This means that millions of users in Canada will be affected by this change. And also it could potentially alter the way they consume news and information online.

Meta's News Block in Canada

The decision comes amid a global debate over the relationship between news organizations and social media companies about the value of news content. And who gets to benefit from it.

Google has also announced that it plans to remove news content from its platforms in Canada. When the law takes effect, which could happen by December.

This global debate is not just limited to Canada. But is a part of a larger conversation about the power and influence of tech companies and their responsibility towards news organizations.

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The Canadian Legislation

The Canadian legislation, known as Bill C-18, was given final approval in June. It aims to support the sustainability of news organizations by regulating “digital news intermediaries with a view to enhancing fairness in the Canadian digital news marketplace.”

This legislation is a key factor in Meta’s news block in Canada. It represents a significant step by the Canadian government to protect the interests of news organizations. And ensure that they are fairly compensated for their content.

Meta's News Block in Canada

In a blog post, Meta said the Canadian legislation “misrepresents the value news outlets receive when choosing to use our platforms.” They argue that news outlets voluntarily share content on Facebook and Instagram. To expand their audiences and help their bottom line.

As the situation unfolds, the implications of Meta’s news block in Canada will become clearer. It raises important questions about the future of news consumption and the role of tech companies in this space.

Will other countries follow Canada’s lead and pass similar legislation? How will tech companies respond? These are questions that will shape the future of the digital news landscape.

Meta’s News Block in Canada: A Response to New Legislation