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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

25th of June 2023



Bud Light $10,000 Weekly Giveaway Aims to Win Back Drinkers

Bud Light, the popular beer brand, is seeking to recover from recent challenges by enticing consumers with a new giveaway of $10,000 per week. The company’s ad campaign revolves around the concept of an “Easy to Summer” experience. Faturing NFL stars in commercials and aiming to make summer enjoyable for drinkers.

Bud Light fans will also have the chance to win $100 towards their tab. Along with additional rebates during the July 4th holiday.

To further engage consumers, Bud Light is launching its first-ever concert tour. The “Bud Light Backyard Tour,” featuring musical artists and offering free tickets through the giveaway.

The beer brand has experienced a significant decline in sales since facing a boycott. Due to its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

This decision sparked backlash from conservatives, including threats of violence directed at Anheuser-Busch facilities.

Although the recent campaign and giveaway announcement does not explicitly address these issues, it can be seen as a response to the decline in sales and negative publicity.

Bud Light’s sales have dropped over 25% compared to the previous year. And Anheuser-Busch InBev’s stock has suffered a 13% decrease in value. Consequently, the beer brand VP of Marketing went on leave as a result of the controversy.

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The Impact of the Bud Light Campaign

Bud Light

While it remains uncertain whether the new giveaway and ad campaign will effectively address the challenges faced by the beer brand, their previous attempt to offer free beer over Memorial Day weekend did not seem to alleviate conservative outrage or reverse the sales decline.

Bud Light’s swift disassociation from the Mulvaney partnership also generated dissatisfaction among other consumers.

The success of the current campaign will be closely monitored, with hopes that the summer-themed ads and the substantial $10,000 giveaway will attract attention and entice consumers back to the brand. The beverage industry will undoubtedly be observing the beer brand strategies in the coming months.

Bud Light launches a high-stakes ad campaign featuring a $10,000 weekly giveaway as an effort to recover from declining sales. The campaign includes summer-themed commercials featuring NFL stars, rebate offers, and a concert tour.

Bud Light’s previous controversies and sales challenges have prompted this response, with hopes of regaining consumer trust and loyalty. The effectiveness of the campaign remains to be seen, and all eyes will be on the beer brand in the beverage industry in the coming months.

Bud Light $10,000 Weekly Giveaway Aims to Win Back Drinkers