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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

Updated On 29th of June 2023.



Elle Fanning Interview: Opens Up About Hollywood Rejection and Self-Awareness

In a heartfelt Elle Fanning interview, acclaimed actress Elle Fanning bares her soul, shedding light on the trials and tribulations she faced. While pursuing her acting career in Hollywood at a tender age.

During a candid discussion as part of The Hollywood Reporter’s women-in-comedy round table. Fanning bravely shares the painful memory of losing a role at the age of 16 because someone deemed her “unfuckable.”

Recalling the incident, Elle Fanning interview reveals that. She had auditioned for a comedic father-daughter road trip movie, which unfortunately never came to fruition.

However, what struck a deep chord within her was a hurtful remark made by an undisclosed individual involved in the casting process.

Despite her agents’ efforts to shield her from such detrimental comments. This particular derogatory statement reached Fanning’s ears, leaving a lasting impact.

In the face of this repugnant judgment, Fanning now reflects upon it with a sense of humor. Categorizing the person responsible as nothing more than a “disgusting pig.”

This incident is not an isolated occurrence in Fanning’s career. In a recent conversation on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the talented actress disclosed that she was once denied a significant role due to her insufficient Instagram following.

While acknowledging that other factors might have influenced the decision. Fanning expressed disappointment in the fact that her social media presence played a role in the casting process.

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Other Points of Elle Fanning Interview

Elle Fanning Interview

Having been in the limelight since the tender age of two. When she portrayed a younger version of her sister Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning has encountered the unique challenges of growing up in the public eye. This exposure granted her an acute sense of self-awareness.

Reflecting on paparazzi snapshots from her early teenage years. Fanning contemplates the complex implications of encountering such a mirrored reflection of herself at such a vulnerable age.

While she believes this experience did not inflict lasting damage. It undeniably heightened her consciousness of her own persona and public image.

Throughout her journey, Fanning has steadfastly maintained a remarkable level of confidence. However, she recognizes the intricate dynamics of being thrust into the spotlight at a young age, with its attendant rewards and hardships.

Armed with resilience and a positive outlook, Fanning has deftly navigated these obstacles and flourished in her career.

Currently captivating audiences with her performance in the TV series “The Great,”. Elle Fanning has also cast as Sylvie Russo in the highly anticipated Bob Dylan biopic, “A Complete Unknown.”

Elle Fanning interview serves as a poignant reminder of the obstacles confronted by young actors within the cutthroat and often superficial realm of Hollywood.

Her willingness to openly discuss these experiences shines a spotlight on the significance of respect, fairness, and inclusivity within the industry.

Fanning’s story stands as an inspiration for aspiring artists and a clarion call for transformative change within the entertainment landscape.

Elle Fanning Interview: Opens Up About Hollywood Rejection and Self-Awareness