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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

3rd of June 2023



Jordan’s Crown Prince Marries into Saudi Family with Ties to MBS

Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II recently wed Rajwa Alseif, a 29 year old Saudi architect, in an opulent ceremony held at Zahran Palace in Amman.

The event, graced by international royals and heads of state. Marked the union of the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian royal families.

Alseif, who has familial ties to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, will assume the title of Crown Princess of Jordan. Later becoming Queen Rajwa when her husband ascends the throne.

In a glamorous affair attended by nearly 140 guests. Including the Prince and Princess of Wales and US first lady Jill Biden, Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein and Rajwa Alseif exchanged vows.

The ceremony commenced with the arrival of dignitaries at Zahran Palace. Where they were greeted by the Jordanian king and queen.

Jordan’s armed forces provided a musical backdrop as attendees congratulated the royal family. The marriage contract was then signed in a traditional Islamic ceremony called “Katb Al-Kitab,”.

Which took place in a beautiful gazebo within the palace gardens. Rings were exchanged, symbolizing the couple’s commitment to one another.

Rajwa Alseif, a Saudi architect and graduate of Syracuse University, has a familial connection to Saudi Arabia’s crown prince.

Her mother belongs to the prominent Al-Sudairi family, and King Salman, Mohammed bin Salman’s father, is one of the renowned “Sudairi Seven.”

This group consists of the seven full brothers born to King Abdulaziz and Hussa bint Ahmed Al-Sudair. The marriage between Crown Prince Hussein and Rajwa Alseif strengthens the ties between the Jordanian and Saudi royal families.

Jordan's Crown Prince

The joyful occasion captured the attention of the Jordanian public, who eagerly awaited the newlyweds’ motorcade procession across the capital. Streets adorned with the couple’s photos and the Jordanian flag displayed the nation’s excitement.

The celebration served as a symbol of unity and strengthened ties between Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Both countries maintain strong alliances with the United States.

Jordan’s custodianship of holy sites in Jerusalem contributes to its unique position in the region.

While Riyadh’s relationship with the US has faced recent challenges due to oil policies and connections with Russia. The thawing of tensions between Saudi Arabia and Jordan offers hope for further collaboration and mutual support.

The wedding of Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein and Rajwa Alseif marked a significant moment in Jordanian and Saudi Arabian history, solidifying the bonds between the royal families.

The ceremony, attended by global dignitaries, symbolized the unity of Jordan and Saudi Arabia and showcased the support and excitement of the Jordanian people.

With both countries being strong allies of the United States, the wedding serves as a testament to the importance of diplomatic relations and the potential for further collaboration in the future.

Jordan’s Crown Prince Marries into Saudi Family with Ties to MBS