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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

2 Aug 2023


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End of Disney World’s Diversity Programs: A New Era of Equality

In a recent development, the Florida district that oversees the globally famous Disney World theme park has declared that it will put an end to all its diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, along with race-based hiring practices.

This decision marks a significant shift in Disney World’s Diversity Programs. Which have been under the control of Disney for a long time.

The Reason Behind the Change in Disney World’s Diversity Programs

Glenton Gilzean, the head of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, stated that the change is a reversal of the policies.

Set by the Disney-appointed Reedy Creek Improvement District. He criticized the previous diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives as “illegal and unAmerican.”

He emphasized that the district will no longer support any attempts to divide people based on race or propagate the idea that all are not created equal. This marks a significant change in Disney World’s Diversity Programs.

Disney Worlds Diversity Programs

Last year, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis led a campaign in the Florida legislature to dissolve the Reedy Creek special district after Disney opposed a GOP bill related to parental rights in their children’s sex education at schools.

Following this, he installed members to a new board. This move gave him control over the board that oversees aspects of Disney World. Also leading to a significant change in Disney World’s Diversity Programs.

The New Oversight Board’s Findings

According to the new oversight board, the Disney-appointed district had been awarding contracts based on racially and gender-driven goals. They found that the district had been paying millions of dollars more to meet these diversity quotas.

The DeSantis-backed group criticized this practice, stating that it wasted taxpayer dollars and threatened contractors. Who did not meet the quotas with nonpayment and disqualification from future bidding. Also this revelation has led to a significant reevaluation of Disney Diversity Programs.

Disney World's Diversity Programs

Disney sued Governor DeSantis over his takeover of the self-governing district, calling it a retaliation against the company’s free speech.

The recent decision to end diversity programs comes after the Supreme Court’s ruling that college admissions programs that consider race are unconstitutional.

This ruling could create liability issues for companies that use similar practices in hiring and promotions. Including Disney World’s Diversity Programs.

This development could lead to a significant change in how companies approach diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

Experts believe that many companies will review their DEI departments’ practices in light of the recent legal developments.

As the story unfolds, it will be interesting to see how this impacts Disney World’s Diversity Programs. And also other companies across the nation.

End of Disney World’s Diversity Programs: A New Era of Equality