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Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

27th of July 2023



Jim Harbaugh’s Suspension Impact: Minimal Disruption for Michigan Football?

Michigan’s head coach, Jim Harbaugh, could face a four-game suspension following an NCAA investigation into the football program. However, according to Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano, the impact of Jim Harbaugh’s suspension might not be as significant as one might think.

Schiano’s perspective on Jim Harbaugh’s suspension impact is based on his own experience dealing with coaching suspensions.

Schiano’s Insight on Jim Harbaugh’s Suspension Impact

Schiano, who was the defensive coordinator at Ohio State when Urban Meyer was suspended for three games in 2018, raised an important question regarding the nature of Harbaugh’s potential suspension.

He asked whether Harbaugh would be suspended only for game days or if the suspension would be full-time.

The distinction is crucial as it determines the level of involvement Harbaugh would have with the team during his suspension. This could significantly affect Jim Harbaugh’s suspension impact on the team’s performance.

Jim Harbaughs Suspension Impact

If Harbaugh is allowed to run the team during the week and is only suspended for game days, Schiano believes the impact would be much less significant.

In this scenario, Harbaugh would still be able to prepare his team for the games, and the only difference would be his absence on game day.

This would lessen Jim Harbaugh’s suspension impact, as the team would still benefit from his leadership and guidance during the week.

Michigan’s Schedule

Michigan’s schedule for the start of the season could also play a role in mitigating the impact of Harbaugh’s potential suspension. The team opens with East Carolina, Nevada, Las Vegas, and Bowling Green before starting Big Ten play against Rutgers.

NBC Sports’ Todd Blackledge agrees with Schiano, stating that if the suspension occurs during the first four games.

Michigan could probably handle it better than at any other time during the season. This further reduces Jim Harbaugh’s suspension impact on the team’s overall performance.

The players’ response to the potential suspension will also be crucial. According to Blackledge, the players are very focused and determined, having tasted the playoffs and won the Big Ten championship.

Jim Harbaugh's Suspension Impact

They are unlikely to let a potential suspension of their head coach derail their goals for the season. This strong team spirit could further lessen Jim Harbaugh’s suspension.

While the details of Harbaugh’s potential suspension remain unclear. The consensus seems to be that it may not be as disruptive as initially thought.

The team’s preparation, schedule, and determination could help mitigate the impact of Jim Harbaugh’s suspension.

However, only time will tell how the situation unfolds and what the true impact will be. The football world will be watching closely to see the real extent of Jim Harbaugh’s suspension on Michigan football.

Jim Harbaugh’s Suspension Impact: Minimal Disruption for Michigan Football?